Re-Tinting the rear windows

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  1. Last time the 1/4 and the back glass was done was in January 2000. I have notices some slight bubbling and fading. The tint was SunGard and was quality, but has seen its share of the sun I guess.

    I called the guy that did it last time. He said that SunGard has gone out of business, so any warranties that they had are null. It didn't have a warranty on fade, but it did on adhesive. He offered to remove the old and put on Limo (dark) that would have a lifetime no-fade warranty for $125-150. I called one other place and they would do it for $150, but would charge $60 an hr to remove the old. I'm sticking with the origal guy since I know he did a good job doing it. Not his fault the tint didn't last.

    Probably will do it next Wednesday.
  2. Not a bad deal man, mine have been "untinted" for about two years now and now that I drive it everyday again (in school I didn't use it much) GOD does it get hot!
    I saw some Centerlines in Nov. '08's issue of 5.0 & SF mag and thought of your car, glad to see she's doing well since I'm not on here often!
  3. Well, the tint turned out good, but I had to do some extra work on where the tint was taken off. They guy let some of the "juice" ooze out and get on the plastic panels in the rear hatch. I had to use Simple Green and brush the plastic to get it to even out before applying protectant. It was a pain. I probably would have had the same thing happen if I had removed the tint too, but who knows.








  4. Looks awesome!! I need to get mine done too.