35th Anniv Read First : 1999 Mustang Gt "limited Edition" Vin Check / Do Not Post Vin#s In Thread... Pm Them

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, Jul 12, 2011.

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  1. For some time now, I have been able to check a list of the 4,628 VINs I have for the 1999 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" GT.

    But before you send me a VIN# lets clear a few things things up.

    Here are the details.

    1999 "Limited Edition" GT

    Option 54Y. $2695 option included: hood scoop, side scoops, different rocker side moldings, polished wheels w/ black inserts, black hood decal, silver/aluminum colored dash & shifter knob, different rear wing, special logo floor mats, silver leather door inserts, silver leather trimmed seats, black honeycomb inserts between rear taillights.

    Came in four colors ONLY...Performance Red,Black,White and Silver. Performace Red was a specific color only offered in 1999 on the "Limited Edition" GT.

    This is not to be confused with the simple side badging on ALL '99 Mustangs(except Cobra) that represent the 35th Anniversary of Mustang. This was a limited pkg only.

    If you do not have these features on your GT, it is not a "Limited Edition" GT.
    I do not have any information on other 1999 Mustangs.

    If you feel you have a "Limited Edition" GT after reading this, PM me your VIN#

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  2. So, uh.... I have a green mustang with a grey cloth interior and a 6 cylinder engine, but it has the 35th Anniversary badges.... can you tell from my VIN if it's an LE or not?:shrug:

    Is your Mustang a GT?
    No: your car is not a Limited Edition
    Yes: go to next question

    Is your Mustang Silver, Black, White, or Performance Red?
    No: your car is not a Limited Edition
    Yes: go to next question

    Does your car’s interior have Midnight Black leather/vinyl seats with silver leather inserts and "Pony" logo, Silver/Midnight Black carpeted floor mats with 35th Anniversary logo, instrument cluster with gray mask and 35th Anniversary script, silver leather door trim inserts, aluminum shift knob (if a 5 speed) and does the exterior have a hood scoop, side scoops, different rocker panel moldings, 17” X 8” bright machined 5-spoke aluminum wheels with unique galloping pony logo, black hood applique’, unique deck lid spoiler, and black honeycomb insert between the taillamps?
    No: your car is not a Limited Edition
    Yes: contact VOORHEES with your VIN#, you probably have a Limited Edition.
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  3. It sounds like I have a limited edition. My vin # is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx can you help me with some info on my car? Thanks Rob

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  4. Private Message your VIN#
  5. Ok noobie here, I THINK I may be buying one but it's a Auto, Grey cloth interior..........I'd love to PM you but I dont know where too......LOL the car has everything you describe down to those 2 things, it even has the pony on the seats.........
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  7. I just posted a new thread with the vin.........Thanks a TON for the help!!!!

  8. So If I post my VIN, you can tell me what number my 1999 Performance Red GT is out of all of them made? Ive been searching for this for so long
  9. Really??? o_O

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  12. Hey I'm pretty sure I have a limited edition 35th anniversary and would like to know all about it if you are still doing this
  13. replied to your PM
  14. Im new to this chat board I have a 99 GT special addition I have all the special features. I bought it in 2001 it came from Canada and was made in Canada, I purchased In Chicago and it and I now reside in CA, I was able to trace down the original owner but never got anywhere with Ford for a window sheet or build sheet. How do I PM you with the vin I dont see an option for PM
  15. I sent you a PM. please reply to that.
  16. how do i pm you? oldog
  18. Can anyone tell me how to add pictures to this site? I cant find that option
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