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What is this place?:
If you are looking for personal, non-company affiliated help in your area, you may be able to find it in here.

Post your Want ad and give it time to simmer. Maybe you need an electrician, or some body help, or whatever....

If you [are] a body guy and like to help folks out in your area, you can post those services here as well. You can even list your asking price for those services.
You may only list your [personal] services and not those of another individual or company.

What you cannot do here:
List services or products for [any] company or person besides yourself.

Private Messages:
Click on the avatar of the account you want to talk with about your Want or Service. Select: "Start a Conversation". Now the matter is between you two.
Post containing haggling will be removed and threads closed.
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Not open for further replies.