Read your Trader Rating

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  1. It what mention in another thread that my trader rating went up.

    If anybodies trader rating mysteriously went up read it. Somebody (only one person) had too much time at lunch today.

    Its true I am the polka king right next to Weird Al.
  2. :D I figured that was the really only good use for the new trader rating thing.
  3. I feel left out :(
  4. I'll fix you up, don't you worry.
  5. what bout meeeeeeeeee?
  6. Wood, seriously are you stupid? blind?

    You're neither, j/k.
  7. Dont forget Lame! ....i click on the rating deal but i get a blank page with "no input file specified"....DANG!
  8. :( I am the one who was complaining about it and I am the only one left out. :(
  9. its probably just because you complained
  10. I will forever be a zero.
  11. fate shows itself.
  12. So what does this thing mean anyway? Im a zero :notnice:

  13. No I guess it is an attempt to rate the usefullness of your "honor" "tech knowlege" or something like that. It is like e-bay and the positive feedback. I have been yacking on and on about it in threads and I guess 351 decided to give me a place to yell in one of my very own.

    It can be useful for those who care to use it corectly lol, or we can continue to play with it.
  14. I think it's stupid thus ...
  15. its like all the other stupid toys....continue to play with it until it breaks.
  16. lol

    bumped 140's just to see how high we get him :p
  17. oh new rule... If you get rated you have to rate the person back (HINT HINT) :D
  18. OHHHHHHHH so this can turn into a vicious cycle of rating people?
  19. I just figured it out.....140 did it first and now look its up to 4 now...He did it for his own personal gain.:rlaugh: