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  1. I was reading in Mutang Monthly about the 2010 Mustang and I didn't realize it had the Ford Adaptive Tune. I think its cool because you don't need a tune to change the octane in the vehicle to make more power. Its like older cars, which is nice. The only thing that I don't like about the 2010 is that people who bought a 08 + Bullitt as far as power and handling really don't have any difference. The 2010 made the Bullitt obsolete in 2 years. Overall I like the new mustang.
  2. Everytime they introduce a higher hp variant model, you can just about guarantee its sign of things to come.
    All is obsolete in time.

    When did you get your new issue??
  3. I see what you are saying about the power but there's more to the bullitt than just the power increase over the previous GT. There's many details all over the car to make it unique. Basically the Bullitt isn't just a GT with a slight power upgrade, there's a lot of other unique details and parts to that special edition. We just all need to be patient...and if the new GT makes the Bullitt obsolete with matched power imagine how "obsolete" it will be when the 2011 Mustang comes out with 400 hp???!!!!!:rolleyes:
  4. Yesterday I got the new issue. My argument is that the 2001 Bullitt stayed 15 hp above the base GT for 3 or 4 years this one is one or two years. Do you think that the new GT will possibly hurt the Bullitt's value? I know everyone wants a power improvement in the mustang but I just think Ford made this mustang and used this same engine to see if people would take to the new design. Come 2011 I think ford will pull out a lot of engine changes. I would like to see many engines available a Turbo 4 Cyl making maybe 240 HP 3.5 V6 making 265-270, and the 5.0 making 350 plus, and maybe keep the 5.4. that would be a sweet line of engines.
  5. Why the:rolleyes:??? I realize there are more components to the Bullitt than just hp increases, but on the 2010 GT with the optional Track pack option is on par or above the Bullit. Yeah you have to pay for that option, but its in a better overall package. Especially interior wise.
    I also believe the 4.6 will be replaced by the 5.0 OHC, then it will be obsolete.
  6. Then mine should be in the box today, I hope! Thanks. I have to agree with you, the new GT will hurt a Bullitts value, since most will just buy the latest version, unless they just love the Bullitts look.
  7. everyone that buys a 2010 will probably feel the same way if they release the 5.0 the next year or the TT v6 as a base model.

    its called "marketing" because there is a certain percentage of people that will go "well hell, i know i just bought this last year but i can't not have the latest and greatest GT".

    i anticipate a crapton of 4.6 2010's flooding the market if they go that route and frankly, i think its a great idea for everyone involved. people that only buy used get their depreciated 2010 body, the public gets their 5.0, and ford wins twice (which is what they need right now).

    playing it smart like that is why ford doesn't need money from the govt in these hard times.
  8. Ford Hurting


    Its not a good idea for 2010 people to flood used market to buy 2011. That is how dealers got in this spot. People have rolled over negative equity with new model year purchases. GMAC and Ford finance have 2 to 5 thousand from each new purchase. Now no one can buy because of so much negative equity. They even sold their gas guzzlers when gas was bad.

    A combination of gas prices and people living beyond their means brought to this point of auto crisis. Buying 2010 will be a quick sale, but then 2011 will have negative equity for years to come.
  9. i was talking about people that could actually afford it :)
  10. I know nothing is set in stone but anyone that keeps up with mustang knowledge should just wait till 2011 for the new engine. When the 05's came out everyone knew that was the greatest engine and would be for atleast the next 3 or 4 years not to mention have awesome body styling. Now Ford is just delaying the new engine release anyone that knows mustangs should really just wait till 2011. To me a 2010 is awesome looking but just pointless.
  11. JMO !!!! The Bullitt's will hold their value because it's a limited production specialty model. The '84-'85 SVO had 175 h.p/ 210 lb-ft and still had hop bars. The '85.5 got the flush headlights and 205 h.p./248 lb-ft and quadra-shocks. '86 SVO's had ECM changes and a lower rating 200 h.p./240 lb-ft but all are still collectable today. The Chevy Z06 went through the same thing rated 385 h.p. then 405 h.p. this happens quite often.