Roush Ready to buy an 88, but have a few questions...

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  1. Hey Guys, I wandered over here from the SVT forum for some help. I am ready to buy a 88 Hatchback off an acquaintance. He is very knowledgeable and I feel comfortable dealing with him. Before handing over the cash, I want to check on a few things....

    1. Who is the ULTIMATE authority on verifying an authentic Saleen? Can I just call them and give them the VIN?

    2. Is there a "bible" that lists the Saleen specific parts AND shows their locations? I know most of the graphics are period correct, but the previous owner (before my acquaintance) used a few graphics from later year fox bodies.

    3. Are there any reputable retailers that carry "restoration parts"? The vehicle is in solid shape, but if I ever needed to replace something I would hate to use standard LX parts or not be able to replace a graphic.

    The vehicle is not a 100 point show car, but just needs a little rejuvenating. He also wants a hell of a lot less than that ebay rust bucket you guys slammed earlier.

    Thanks for any help you can provide. Hopefully I can join the ranks of another limited Mustang society soon.
  2. I have a My Saleen Book in front of me right now. What is the number and the vin # and I'll look it up for you. Also you can call Mark at Performance Autosport. He is "VERY" knowledgable and a real nice guy. There are many Parts places I use for Fox Parts. Such as, or Mustangs Unlimited, There are tons more. As far as Saleen parts go, it is hard. You must watch Ebay and put the word out in Forums like this for needed parts. Good Luck
  3. Just call Saleen at Tel: 949-597-4900. Tell them you want to verify that car is an actual Saleen before you purchace it. Give them the VIN and they will verify if for you. They can also tell you what the original interior/exterior color was and any options that car came equipped with. Good luck
  4. saleen is "supposedly" coming out with some restoration parts, and any graphics and odds and ends you think you need, call mark at
  5. If you can post up some detailed pictures of the exterior and interior and we will be as picky as you want.
  6. Thanks

    Thanks for the replys. I will call Saleen and see what they say. As soon as I can get some pics I'll post them. I'm going to look at it again this weekend so I'll try to snap a few.
  7. All the graphics are available through Mark at That is where I purchased my replacement graphics. As for Saleen specific body panels, ebay and other forums will be your best bet. The same goes for interior parts. As far as what and where everything is. That won't be too hard to do as there are enough Saleen foxbody owners around that know what and where everything goes. Saleen did change things up during production runs so there isn't a 100% rule of thumb on anything. Saleen will have the specifics of the car once you give them the VIN and they look it up. I've contacted Saleen about their intention to start offering foxbody Saleen parts and I get the same story, "in a month" but that has been going on since back in July of last year so I wouldn't wait on Saleen. Do take some pictures everyone hear enjoys seeing a foxbody Saleen show up. They are getting to be quite a rarity and the draw for them is increasing. Good luck.
  8. More updates and pics

    I called Saleen today and they verified the VIN as 1988 #334.

    This is how the graphics are as of now. Some of the other pics show the wrong windshield banner and side stripes. The Saleen registry states #334 had the side stripes shipped in the trunk. The owner has his 96 Cobra rims on but the original rims go with the car.





    It does not have the correct seats, but he has located some. This one came with the cruise control upgrade from Saleen.



    These are the only photos he had available. I will try to snap some Sat. I have verified the build tag on the inner left fender and the dash plaque as well as the bumper number all match.


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  9. I've seen that car before. That one belonged to someone with the user name "Quik huh" on another site. That is a stock '88 Mustang steering wheel. Hopefully he does have some correct Flofits because those will be hard and costly to replace.
    Good Luck, nice looking car.
  10. Is this the same car that Tim was considering to buy before he got the one he has now?
  11. yeah that is qwikhuh's car. from what i read he found a set of correct flofits, dont know their condition..just something i saw he posted on another forum. That is a nice car at a good deal. He's a nice/honest person from every conversation I ever had with him. I think you'll be very happy with the car.
  12. Ya thats Quickhuh's old car, It's legit we already went through this with him when he bought it, on another site!
    Tim's right it's a nice car!! Good find and good luck with it, I'm sure you will really
    enjoy it. If you have any questions your at the right place for ansewers

    See Ya Bill
  13. That car is a complete and total POS. I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. The guy even lets his dog drive it!!!

    Tumas aka QWIK HUH
  14. Frikin hilarious.
  15. Oh,

    and if you ask Jay he will tell you that car is worth millions. It even has the correct bumper filler.
  16. Pretty funny guy's!!!!:lol:

    See Ya Bill
  17. Thanks for the replies

    By the time most of you read this, I'll be looking at the car again. I think I'm gonna ask him to throw in the dog too! More pics to come soon.

  18. i wouldnt mind having that car at all :) for a real good price!
    looks clean but i personally wouldnt buy it because its missing key interior parts (unless i was using my car to restore that one). i know it came w/ cruise but its not a Saleen option & every 87-89 LX & GT had that setup - nothing special at all. no FloFits, Momo wheel, gauges are not correct, no shift knob.
  19. If the customer wanted cruise control prior to 1989, Saleen left the standard steering wheel in place on the 87-88 cars. In 1989 is when they decided to make the plate for the cruise control so they could keep the Momo wheel.
  20. i have a Saleen Momo Veloce wheel i maybe selling on ebay in the future :)