Roush Ready to buy an 88, but have a few questions...

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  1. lol Ok here we go. Like someone else said many of the cruise control Saleens, including this one, came with stock 88 wheels so if you want to be picky about being correct the steering wheel IS correct on this car. Cruise was an option so I don't know where you are getting that is was not. If the future owner chooses to go with a Momo wheel, an NOS Saleen one is included with the purchase. Front Flofits come with the car. Incorrect material for 88 but they are grey Flofits and could be recovered if correct upholstery comes along. The rear seat is nothing special and could be recovered with the correct upholstery if found. I do not have the Halos but am working on it and know where a set is. The correct cluster is now in the car which you should know because I posted it over on Saleenpower so you are wrong there as well. The only part I still need to find is a correct shift knob and the correct strut tower brace. The suspension is excellent on the car, the body is in really good shape, the paint is nice overall, and the interior is clean on it. I am all for picking a car apart but next time you may want to make sure you have the correct information in hand before you do so. I did not even plan to sell the car. GCradic had been looking at $11-12k Saleens that needed work and asked if I would sell mine. He made me an offer considerably less than that and I will be giving him both sets of wheels and all my spare parts (cluster, Saleen 88 memorabilia, K member brace, Saleen strut tower brace, etc) and he will have a true Saleen Mustang with 77,000 original miles verified by Saleen.

    So 90saleenSC what in your opinion is a good price? A good clean LX with 77,000 miles would sell for $5000 or so in our area.
  2. qwickhuh,

    So you know Jay?
  3. I have spoken with Jay on other boards before. I have jokingly given him **** for wasting good original parts on his clone when there are real Saleen out there that would use them but I have no problems with him at all. He did a great job on his car and hopefully he finds stripped real SC someday to use all his parts on. I just wanted to set the record straight in regards to my car.
  4. i was not saying the steering wheel was incorrect. sorry if thats what it sounded like i was saying. i know that some early saleens came that way. i think you asking price is right on too. great price! once again, i am sorry if i was sounding picky. that was not my intention. i didnt know about the cluster swap because i dont go to Saleenpower anymore. i also wasnt saying that the cuise was not a Saleen option, i was just pointing out that most 87-89 LX & GT stangs came that way from Ford so its nothing special that was done by Saleen, hence it is a Ford option & not Saleen. Saleen just offered that to poeple if they wanted it & left it on the car as it was from the factory. remember, these are Ford mustangs. Saleen did not install the cruise options, or pwr locks or windows etc... make no mistake, i love that gray fox Saleen bro!
  5. I am almost regretting the sale now lol I picked up the correct rear seat as well as a set of correct Halos. The interior is getting pretty close. The front upholstery is off and would need red piping and I need a shift knob and its good to go. I have an 89 and up knob now but I want the correct one. I already told the next owner I will continue the parts search because its so damn fun!
  6. thats great that you got all that stuff to go in the interior. yup, you will regret the sale but maybe there will be another in your future! i see a set of FloFit netted halo headrests on ebay right now :)
  7. Some anonymous a-hole keeps outbidding me. Hope this guy didn't have someone pushing the auction for him, because I'm out!
  8. Judging from my dealings with the seller shill bidding would come as no surprise.
  9. yeah its up to 255.00 right now. ouch. if they sell under 500.00 i will be surprised. these are very rare.