Real 03 Cobra or No???

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  1. Hey guys...I was looking at this car at an is rebuilt and looks like a 03 Cobra...but I noticed some thing that make me think it is not (no engine shots were there I know that woulda settled it faster)....Here are the pics...

    Does the CObra have an intercooler? CUz if it does this one seems to be missing it in the lower front...

    The part that makes me think it is not is the interior...The seats seem like regular GT, as does the knob and the face gauges...take a look




  2. easy way to find out, carfax it
  3. I don't think so.

    That interior looks practically identical to mine, with the exception of the stick shift.
  4. it's a fake unless they changed the side view mirrors (non-folding) and redid the whole interior.
  5. cant see the steering wheel. im guessing it says cobra.

    it looks real to me :shrug:
  6. The interior is definitely not out of a Cobra and the side mirrors are not from a 03 Cobra

    On edit: Its not a Cobra, there's no intercooler in the front air dam
  7. 03 Cobras' do have intercoolers, but you would never see them in a picture. They are located under the supercharger/intake. Looks like Cobra EXCEPT, side mirrors, interior is not two tone leather/suede, no white face guages, the lower rocker moulding is standard v6/GT affair and I believe Cobras' have amber back up lights. I think she's a rebuilt poser :notnice:
  8. That is a GT interior...GT seats, GT face gauges. It also has the GT side mirrors...I wouldn't buy it unless i saw the engine and was allowed to drive it! :nice:
  9. If that pic from the interior is of the same car, it is NOT a Cobra. Cobra's have different gauges, seats, and shifters.
  10. that looks like a 100% pure Fobra :nice:
  11. i just looked at the cobra interior. its fake, thats a gt
  12. Yeah, we only read it like 5 times in this thread already. Anyone knows that isn't a Cobra interior.
  13. those tailpipes are awful small also
  14. i apologize. my norton antivirus is running in the background it took a while to register. did i offend you, God?

  15. No, I'm not God, and you didn't offend me...I was just saying that a few ppl. had already stated that it wasn't a Cobra interior...not that they thought it wasn't, but it wasn't. No offense. :cheers:
  16. Newbstang: is this car being offered/auctioned as an authentic 03 Cobra? Or does the listing even give a description? I hope no one gets screwed on this one.
  17. yeah no kidding :notnice:
  18. It has GT mirrors, interior and GT tailights. Something is fishy about that car.
  19. Definately a Fobra :nonono:
  20. i wonder if the bullitt in the background of the 1st pic is fake too.