Real 03 Cobra or No???

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  1. i dont think anything has been missed now :rlaugh:
  2. Ok, we know this is'nt an authentic 03 Cobra. But why do some people state this based on the fact there is no intercooler behind the bumper? The supercharged Cobras' have the intercooler located UNDER THE SUPERCHARGER. Look at a picture of a 03 Cobra motor and notice the absence of any intercooler pipes. Maybe I should'nt be so picky, especially after I botched the whole amber back up light thing :D

    BTW, I checked the vin and it comes up a 2002 and 3/4 European export GT with dealer installed Cobra package and intercooler delete option. :nice:
  3. They are just calling it the wrong name. It is actually the heat exchanger that people think they are seeing in the front bumper, not the intercooler.

    And do I even have to say if that is a real cobra or not? :D
  4. You guys are all wrong.

    It's not a Cobra.
  5. :lol: That place is great, not only is the Cobra fake, but so is the Bullitt. Either that, or they don't know the correct parts to install when fixing a wrecked Bullitt.
  6. Easiest way...POP THE HOOD =)
  7. well it was a rebuild.... if the interior was hosed for some reason they might have cheated and gone GT interior (this is a stretch, but still) best way is to pop the hood and get a pic of that. see the blower and the valve covers.

  8. Wow, still going.
  9. It's a 03' Pobra. I'd snag it up man..those are very very scarce. lol jk ;)

    If you look at the outside shots of the 03 it shows a dark color interior...

    What if it's a undercover cobra? Wants to make people think it's a Fobra but really is....???
  10. JESUS ****ING CHRIST!! LOCK THIS THREAD NOW!! How many replies does it take?!? It'd be funny as hell if there was a real 03 engine under the hood though :D
  11. Too many other problems. The side-mirrors are a particularly glaring error as is the lack of an intercooler heat exchanger behing the front fascia. The gauge panel is wrong, and a GT pod wouldn't be a plug-and-play replacement for a Cobra wiring harness.

    They cheated, pure and simple.
  12. oooo 03 engine
  13. interior doesn't look like it
  14. hehe cant pop the hood..its a GT....hw do u know the bullit isnt real..ive heard c pillar..whats the diff on bullit/gt when it comes to that???
  15. See for yourself
  16. Was it already mentioned that there's a "GT" badge on the side of the green stang in the 2nd pic? Where is this bullitt nonsense coming from?? :confused:

    EDIT: Woops I just rememberd that they have GT badges :doh: oh well, the C piller is still differnt. Even if the car got in a wreck, they would replace it with the genuine OE parts. Case closed.

  17. if i'm not mistaken the bullitt's came with the gt badges up front. but i'm not 100% sure on that, so some someone who can confirm or correct that for me please do :nice:
  18. yes teh bullit comes with GT badges see attached pic of the bullit on page 3...i still dont see the diff in the c pillar bw the bullit and the gt?
  19. [​IMG]
  20. 03 Cobras taillights no longer have the amber for the turnsignals