Real 03 Cobra or No???

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  1. I say its a Fobra :nonono:
  2. I'm curious, what auction did you find this "Cobra" on?

  3. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no :nonono:
  4. we know it is not....lock this post plz :)
  5. I still think its not a Cobra...

    On a related note "Dewey Defeats Truman"
  6. :stupid:
  7. Even thought it's not a real cobra, it still looks like a nice car. I wonder how much it will go for, and how bad it was wrecked. Put some Gt badges and rear bumper back on it and it would be even better.
  8. i agree, it would still be a nice car if they took all the cobra badges off of it.
  9. the bad thing iss you never know how bad these cars were wrecked...culd have been bad if he changed so much stuff...anyway its a rebuilt wreck no matter how you look at it...I bet it will go for a decent amount cuz of the Cobra motif but if your curious Ill let you guys know howmuch it went for
  10. $25,000?
  11. BTW. who is the idiot driving the Cobra in the car has been in the garage for 3 weeks now already. Just thought I'd put a spin on things....hehe
  12. Anybody who pays near-new list price for a GT that was probably wrecked within an inch of its life deserves to drive a lemon. I'd say no more than 16 if the word gets out that its a near-salvage...
  13. guys just to let you know this is from an insurance auction..these are cars that have been deemed by insurance to be "totalled" or "undrivable" its was salvage thats been rebuilt noone would pay list price ...its more to what Aaron thats what its gonna go for
  14. its not a cobra, because the mats and seats arent soiled. that only happens ( i hear ) in a cobra.
  15. turns out the car was reconstructed not salvage....basically means they took parts off diff stangs and made it...i didnt think my bid would go thur but it did...hopefully I can figure out what Im in for really soon...the good part is it is really low milage...thats how us poorer folk get newr cars
  16. I truly hope you didn't pay 16k for it. More like 12k is what it'ld be worth to me. I don't doubt it's a nice car, but just think, it's already been wrecked. Do you know what the value of it is going to be in a year? A friend has a 2002 GT, and the dealer said 14K trade. Imagine what if it was wrecked. Try 10 or less. That's 6K you just lost.
  17. thanks for your concern but im not stupid lol I payed 9500, I know the risks all the cars i have owned were rebuilt...I really couldnt afford it from a dealer...but Ill let you guys know whats up once i ahve it detailed and all

  18. 9500!?!? :banana: Holy crap!!! That's what I paid for my GT with 35K miles!!! Of course..mine was a 1 time owner by the dealer's wife and garage kept so I grabbed that **** up lickeddy splits.
  19. thats not a cobra. Look at the gauges, cobras have white svt gauges