Real 03 Cobra or No???

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  1. holy crap, talk about bringing back the dead
  2. i think they found out 5 years ago that wasnt a cobra... come on.
  3. it a cobra NOW???? :rlaugh:

    read through the whole thing, and what blew my effin mind was how they were talkin about mustangs being 22k new, and how 03 cobras were still elusive. I was like 13 back then =O
  4. Yea I read this whole damn thread too.....:rlaugh: I bought my 01 gt in 03 with less than 20k on it for $14,500,it was the finance managers at the ford dealer...:D
  5. :rolleyes: :nonono:

    Thread's only 5yrs old, wonder if the car's still for sale?
  6. nevermind. i withdrawal my comment. I didn't realise this thread was 5 pages long already.
  7. i dont think its a real cobra:jester:

    i read the whole freakin thing before i relized it was 5 years old!!!!!!
  8. OLD thread!

    But to clarify the debate:

    Wrong color, wrong mirrors, wrong sideskirts, wrong windshield wipers, wrong interior, missing heat exchanger, wrong engine, etc.
  9. I dont know if anyone mentioned this or not. i only read the first page but it dont have the cobra side skirts either....not a cobra
  10. Car is probably a Saleen by now
  11. Guess what, thats a fake cobra and bullitt. The c pillars are not the right ones for the bullitt.
  12. why are we still talking about this???