Roush Real '99 Roush or clone? Pics


Mar 9, 2006
San Diego
Picked this up for cheap, took a chance that it was some way a roush. No roush serial numbers, no record of vin at roush. Seems to have real roush parts, not sure about rims. Could have been a dealer add in or roush clone done by roush? Paint age seems the same on body kit.


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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mar 5, 2019
Seems to have real roush parts,

Looks like lots of the right parts
I believe that was popular body kit at the time though.
Dash Plate and serving wheel make you think real.
The exhaust tip looks placed wrong?
I can't tell from the photos, is there a Roush plate in engine compartment?


Advanced Member
May 18, 2019
Southwest Michigan
Honestly, it looks like a very nice car and is nicely done. It has all the correct Roush parts, plus the dash tag and steering wheel. PLUS (and this is the best part) you said you got a great deal on it. I would just drive it, enjoy it, and if someone asks, just shrug your shoulders and kind of mumble something to the effect of "what does it look like to you?"...LOL
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