Real Cobra R wheels?

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  1. Are these real Cobra R wheels?
    on the inside is says "HINODEX" as well as "MADE IN JAPAN".

    View attachment 200513

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, real cobra r are on fact made in japan. They don't say ford anywhere. Those are the highly desirable r58 wheels which are lighter and stronger than r50s which are ford made r wheels.

    Early ones said "Nippon" later ones said "hidonex"

  3. Yup, there's a 24 on the inside on one of the spokes. It says 17x9JJ 24. 24 has a circle around it.

    BTW...what is r58?

  4. Yes, those are r58 wheels. It's the part number

  5. R58 is the 24mm offset rims
    M179's are even harder to find and are a 36mm offset, i am forever looking for sets of those rims.
  6. Incorrect. Early R58s are cast "HINODEX" only.

    Source: I own 1995 Cobra R #181 with the original wheels.
  7. well that gets that 5 year old mystery solved. Now I can sleep at night. You've been waiting 14 years to post that one?
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  8. Actually I was waiting that long for you to post a wiseass comment.

    Congratulations for taking the bait, junior.
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  9. It's like everyone is grumpy these days.
  10. Folks do like to complain. Others just get their feelings hurt really easily.

    Actually, in all seriousness, people do use these forums for research. Regardless of the age of a thread, if it has incorrect information, it deserves a correction. If it's not corrected, it can result in a costly mistake for someone depending on bad information.

    It's very simple.
  11. Agreed. Maybe @Noobz347 Can clean up any irrelevant posts.
  12. @stykthyn just went to Dad and told on you, you're so grounded! :fight:
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  13. Meh. Like anyone really cares.
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  14. I absolutely agree with you.

    Now on to more important topics. Did you find your Stangnet username and password in a time capsule or something? I'm actually really curious as to how it came about that you come up out the basement after nearly 14 years to make your first post.
  15. If he hasn't been active since the switch I think a lot of names defaulted to that.
  16. Oh, imagine how many of my posts would be deleted were that the case.
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