Real-live 4 cyl Cobra II on ebay

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  1. Shoulda cleaned it first, he's not gonna get his reserve price for a filthy car.
    You are right though, this one should remain intact, and original.

    "Step right up folks, and I shall show you one of the lost ponies!"
  2. Don't you know we won't hear the end of it when this one shows up at car shows.

  3. I've been watching this car. I hope it goes to someone who will keep it original and take care of it.
  4. I'd buy it if it were closer.
  5. Theres a 4 cyl cobra just like that here in tulsa, all original, his wife has a 6 cyl ghia hehe
  6. Wow! That car sold for alot more than i expceted since it is a 4 banger and in dire need of a total restoration, for the most part. (or should have) It is in pretty good and complete shape though..

    I thought the 4 banger Cobras were only available in '78 though?
    I never really realized how rare an option it was. A few years back I had stumbled across a T-Top Cobra in the wrecking yard (as I needed one of the glass tops) i had noticed it had a 4 banger and thought it was kinda odd. At first I thought that it was a fake cobra or that someone stuffed the 4 banger in for whatever reason. Took the rear spoiler, side louvers, (no targa band) Curisoity led me to find the buck tag and make off with it. Took it home and sure enuff... 4 banger T-Top Cobra fully optioned. Went back the following week to see if I could buy the whole carcass and they had 'er in the crush pile already with even more stuff already removed.... :(

    But I still have the buck tag to prove it! Somewhere..... :scratch:

    However..... I don't doubt that it may have a V8 in it before long... :nonono:
  7. I don't think the 4-cyl was an option, that was the standard motor for all IIs. Except the Mach I which had the V6 as standard, and the KC which had the V8 standard.
  8. Yup he's got it right. The Cobra II was just an appearance package, and the base model motor was the 4 banger, with the 6 and 8 as options. The Mach 1 had a base engine of the 6, with an 8 as an option, and the King only came in an 8.
  9. I second that motion!!
  10. I bought it :D Seriously, no lie. Guy hasn't emailed me back yet, but I'm expecting to pick it up the week of the 14th if I can get the time off work. Now I just gotta start learning about II's. It really just needs alot of cleaning and an engine overhaul. Interior appears to be in great condition. Outside obviously needs paint, but wasn't a bad buy :nice:
  11. speaking of, where can I pick up reproduction louvers? it seems like that's all it's really missing.
  12. Holy crap, I can't believe the reserve was that low! I definitely would have bid on it if I knew that.

    Darkfire, congrats on the buy. There are many of us here that can help you with whatever you need.

    What are your plans for the car? PLEASE tell me you are going to keep it original :D .

    You can get real original louvers on ebay; there are sets there all the time. Remember, that car only takes the side louvers, no rear deck louver.
  13. thanks for your help, i'm sure you'll see me around much. I don't know much about the II's, but judging from the posts in this thread, it seems like everyone would want to see it kept stock. Is the 4 cyl in the cobra that rare, or what? 'cuz I'm a big v8 person, but I'm open to persuasion. We have a '05 GT, an '05 Magnum RT, and a '95 Aurora. We currently own nothing without a V8, so it's going to take some convincing. so convince me! lol.

    edit: oh yeah, i think the reserve was actually a grand. I put in 1500 to be safe, and apparently, so did someone else, so he bumped up to 1525, and with about 44 seconds to spare, i got in my bid for 1550.
  14. How about the fact that you'd probably never see another like it? It is after all, somewhat of a rarity of sorts for the particular model.

    As for installing a V-8, keep in mind that it would also require you to swap in another trans and perhaps another complete rear end as well, just for starters. Being a 4 cyl car, it's quite possible that it also has the super light duty non removable carrier axle assembly....that certainly would have to go too. Futhermore, it's suspension would need upgrading to heavier duty parts in most every aspect. Then there is the radiator/shroud issues...and the list goes on.

    You got a good buy, no doubt about it. Keeping it stock will save you a lot of money and work. Since you already have a performance Mustang, why not leave this one as is? Truly stock II's are hard enough to find... a Cobra II with a 4cyl engine is like a needle in a haystack.
  15. all of this is true. as for the parts, i have a donor 83 gt 5.0 ready to go with all the parts i'd need. but i understand what you're saying, and you do have a good point. my biggest question is would people at a car show realize what they were seeing, or would they say "pfft... all that work to a 4 banger?"
  16. People that know II's would know. Most non II owners know little to nothing about these cars, period. Many think they all had 4 cyl engines in them, like most of their Pinto counterparts.

    There certainly will be people that "dis" your II, no matter what engine it has in it. You need to understand that as a prerequisite to II ownership.
    Many such people (for a variety of personal reasons) just have an intense dislike for these cars in general. II's are often not well received by owners of classic and later model Mustangs either. In fact, if anyone is going to comment in a negative way, it's probably someone in this catagory.
    Your engine swap may deter some negativity from those who place a focus on performance and dont really care what kind of car it is. But, it won't do much to make a II hater think better of your car, regardless.

    Should you choose to restore to original (keeping the 4) and go the car show route, you should do so with the thought that you are trying to save a piece of automotive history that many others would choose to forget if given the option. Certainly, many won't understand your posistion.
    However, your car will be truly appreciated by other II owners, and those who own similar stock oddities. Does anyone else really matter?

  18. No, you don't.

    Not even close.
  19. My car isn't a V8 and I don't plan to make it one. That doesn't mean I don't like to go fast. I do. :D

    But I love that I can get in my car and it's like this little time machine back to 1977. It's neat to see what came standard on cars back then... the one side mirror and the white vinyl seats and tinny-sounding single in-dash speaker. It's just a blast driving down the road and people all the time give me the thumbs up (as they pass me, hehe, but I don't care).

    whatever you decide, congratulations! I'm glad the car is going to someone who will take care of it.


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