Real world mileage with the 2011 V6?

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  1. EPA says 19 -31.

    So what is everybody really getting and qualify those numbers with how you drive and what type of driving.
  2. My wife gets 25 ave in her v-6 with mixed city/highway (normal driving). When I drive it (highway) I can get 32 - 33 if I cruise at 55 - 60 with A/C on (babying it for max mpg). If I go 70 it drops to about 29 mpg.

    Pretty good for a Mustang.
  3. The couple times I've taken it out on the highway I'm getting about 8L/100 km (29ish mpg) doing roughly 130km/h (80mph). Going to school (mixed driving) I get about 11L/100km (21mpg) if I'm nice to it hehe :D
  4. combined i'm at around 26mpg, still havent hit 1K
  5. great mpg

    after 2000 mile break in 33 mpg hyghway at 52 mph
    mixed drivlng 27 mpg keeping rev down below 2000
    26 if just mixed and relaxed:)
  6. Did my first trip on the highway this week. I did about 563 miles roundtrip going from Grand Rapids MI to Milwaukee WI. This was a great way to measure realistic mpg on the HWY because you drive through 4 states with speed limits ranging between 55 and 70 mph. Plus there was a little bit of construction and Chicago bumper-to-bumper traffic thrown into the mix. Of the 563 miles about 25 of it was off the expressway traveling between the hotels, restaurants and customer locations. Here are my calculations, mods and information. Also just to clarify, while I believe the car's info commuter is fairly accurate, nothing is quite as accurate as starting with a full tank and then recording miles driven/gallons used at each fill up. This is how I measured it.

    * 3.31 gears
    * 6 spd manual
    * Only modification at the time was my Bama tune (93 octane Performance Tune)
    * 563.7 miles driven, 19.64 gallons of 93 octane used = 28.7 mpg (Car calculated it to 27.4)

    Overall I'm very happy with those numbers.
  7. Not bad at all for 3.31 gears :)
  8. 3.31 gears

    Do you have the performance package? I am really excited about this package and curious as to others impressions that actually have this package.


    Bill in Phoenix
  9. Bill - I do have the performance package and to tell you the truth I'm kind of torn on it so far.

    Here is how I break it down so far.

    • Wheels: Well they're okay. I'm not a huge fan of the style. They remind me of a lot of wheels you would see on the shelf at Discount Tire.
    • 3:31 rear: Love it but I wouldn't be surprised if I swapped it down the road some day for a 3:73.
    • Performance ECU parameters. Haven't done any real world testing at the track to have an opinion one way or another. I think a lot of people assume you get some cool setting that makes the car quicker off the line. I don't think that is what it's doing. My understanding is that it just lets you push it further before the stability control interferes.
    • Supsension: Not worth it in my opinion. I'll be replacing the shocks/springs eventually. I hate the lifted look.
    • Brakes: Love them. What's not to love? They stop on a dime.

    Like anything it's going to come down to a person's opinion. If you like the style of wheel, never want more than a 3:31 rear, and don't think the car has a lifted sort of look then the performance package is an awesome deal. I personally would have jumped in a heartbeat to have the $1700 or so Brembo upgrade that GT owners have. I love the style of wheel, drool over the Brembo brakes and could add the 3:31 rear separate then if I wanted.
  10. thanx for that info, very nice objective opinions. yea on the lifted look, way to high in the rear.
    hmmm, performance ECU parameters? I didnt know that was part of the package.