Realistic Hp/tq Expectations...

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  1. I'd say with a good port job, you'd pick up a minimum of 10hp, but probably closer to 20, based on what I already mentioned in post #17.
  2. Here is the lower...

  3. That intake had a little port work done ;)

    Kurts gotta be talking a 77mm...those things are huge aluminum meters but it was the go to meter years ago until the plastic 80mm came out. I'm also not a fan of the lightning meter on anything....

    Cam could go a few ways personally.. comp 35-552-8 I like

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  4. Ok. I stand corrected on the LMAF. :doh:
  5. e5ere8um.jpg

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  6. This is the closest one to the one I have. Mine is flanged and has a slightly different sample setup. It was a Pro-M before they went out of business the first time. Then it was PMAS, and I think they are about of business now, and they have started up Pro-M again. I can't keep track.

    I have heard bad things about the Lightning MAF, but I defer to Rick on explaining it because he is more familiar with it. That intake has definitely already been ported.

  7. Awesome! ...I kinda suspected some work had been done. Now to get it all put together!
  8. Snapped a rod bolt installing the new luck lately. o_O
  9. I'm sure it'll be good with a little JB Weld ;)
  10. Store was out of JB I went with a new set of ARP's. :)