Reality Tv Car Shows

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  1. Reality tv car shows, y'all like em or do they make you roll your eyes?
  2. Ps: I didn't know The Count was in a band and he is a douche.
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  3. The only car show I watch is the UK Top Gear. The American Top Gear sucks by comparison. But on its own isn't too bad of a show. All of the reality TV shows are fake, setup, and not worth watching. Whether they are about auctions, cars, antiques, or whatever. They all are fake, scripted productions.
  4. Reality TV shows about cars and motorsports don't work for me so much, because I'd rather go live it. It's not too hard to find a track or a group of car guys to hang out with.
  5. Yeah American topgear is kinda on the lame side but better than others. When I was younger I used to like the hotrod/horsepower shows but now I'm like eh quit trying to sell me something
  6. Richard and Aaron from fast and loud are down to earth guys I meet them on their way to the biker build of in Scottsdale they straight up told us that some of the crap in the show was fake but most is real and they gave us some insite to what was coming up in the show like the mustang that got crashed richard was still pissed off about it.

    Thats one show I can appreciate.
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  7. I wouldn't buy a pogo stick from those meth lookin schisters
  8. You left the word "Suck" off of the thread title. :shrug:
  9. I actually did like Overhaulin' at one time. But it got a little scripted and the hosts are lame and ruin the show. I saw one of the cars in person that wasn't as nice as I would have expected it to be. But given the time frame they build the car in it wasn't too shabby. And Chip Foose is a helluva nice guy.

    We actually had the guys from Two Guys Garage come to our shop one time. They were sent through on a rushed tour. When I asked one of the higher ups what was up with that he said "Ahh it was those ####'# from Two Guy's Garage. They were looking for a story." I had just started there and thought - wow, this place is too good for a TV show to get a decent walk through LOL.
  10. That is why they call them "reality" shows. They ain't real folks. I watch Fast N Loud on occasion and Dan Koker Aka the Count only to see what type of idiots pay $50000 for a $25000 car. Notice any time Fast N Loud take a car to the auction they lose their ass? Because real buyers know what the cars are worth, not the sham deals when he "sells" the cars to his shills on the show for double what he pays.

    Chip Foose's show was ok as he had some real craftsman building cars and real people ended up getting the car to drive.

    Jimmy Shine has a car build off show that is decent. Real speed shops building cars, but Shine is a total asshat.

    That show where these tools fix and flip junkyard cars in Arizona was hysterical They were the biggest group of monkey nutswingers I've ever seen. The fact they sold some of those cars to people and never got sued when someone got killed in one of those deathtraps was amazing.

    This new Street Racers of OK is a joke.... all drama and fake "street racing" with off duty cops paid to supervise.

    I still think Monster Garage was the one of the best, along with Pinks.
  11. Yeah the street outlaws is stupid.. How many of those cars are even street legal? And every time they get busted, they get a warning..crap... And most of the show is bleeped out because nobody can talk intelligently on that show.. What a joke.
  12. Monster Garage was cool and different.
    Fast & Loud is just entertaining and has cars in it.
    Pimp my Ride was funny cause people would still drive those wacky @ss rides afterwards.
    Street Outlaws is not street cars at all, extremely staged tracks but I like there cars and profile names. Farmtruck is awesome, laughed my tail off when they beat that import and took his wing. Just entertainment, thats all.
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  13. I am a huge Top Gear UK fan, but that's not a reality TV show.

    I do like Street Outlaws. It reminds me of some of the racing that used to go on when I was in High School. I think that's by far the most realistic even though it's obviously been scripted. They moved the racing to an airport, an I understand that there has to be a certain level of responsibility when you are carrying the liability of television network. I think it's hillarious that people are running their mouths how those aren't street cars, and they trailer them. As if that somehow had anything to do with street racing.

  14. Sorta does...who is stupid enough to race non legal cars like this on the street? That's a big gamble. That's why it's a tv show. Entertainment...
  15. Because you're racing. If you get caught, having a car without cats on slicks is the least of your problems. In just about every big city there are guys trailering cars of that caliber out to race on the streets.

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  16. Much more than without cats.... Lol... I don't see how you wouldn't get caught. Unless these races are happening in a controlled environment like on the show
  17. They race like that here in Atlanta. In a big city the cops are usually too busy busting up meth houses to worry about who is racing on some service road in the middle of no where. They have a ton of 1000+ hp cars running around here. When I first moved here I checked out the local street car forum. Half the posts were call outs for street races. They had a list of 1/8 mile times, and I would have placed 57th on the list. A good number of those guys trailer the car in. Here they race down on some road by Hartsfield Jackson Airport last time I checked. When I was growing up in Lauderdale they used to trailer them out to US27. They had 1000+ hp cars running on the streets even back then (mid 90s). Of course back then the cops only came out to watch. Street Racing was a $68 ticket back then. Amazing how times change.

  18. I kinda like chasing classic cars some of those cars are very nice. And rhey don't build cars in three days lol. Idk i do like that show and fast and loud. Fake or not lol
  19. Out of all the shows or programs I think mecum auto auctions is my favorite. Watched a 67 L88 corvete convertable sell for 3.2 million bucks. That is insane!
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