Really Excited about a 05 V6 I found, is this a scam?

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  1. Looking at a gorgeous 05 mustang, with 59,000 miles on it, v6. They are asking 11k, and the Blue Book "good" value is about 11.5. However, the gas gauge is broken, which will cost around 700 to fix (right?) Im 17, and this will be quite the upgrade from my 2001 honda civic, to say the least. It was upgraded with Aftermarket exhaust, headlights, hood scoop, side scoops, side louvers,rear louver,hood pins,custom black red interior,cold air intake,brake caliper covers,18 inch gt500 rims on sumitomo race tires,and I'm sure I'm missing stuff. It sounds like an awful small amount in cash for such an awesome car. The interior is custom red and black leather too. Im going to check the car facts tonight.

    A couple things though:
    I wanted to do a red racing stripe, my friend's dad owns a shop, and he works on mustangs all the time with body stuff. If we put one on ourselves, how much am I looking at?

    Not a huge fan of the wire from the hoodpins, but the pins themselves are ok. What do you do to get rid of the wire?

    I dont know if I love the back louver (love the sides), Is this easy to sell/take off?
  2. just take the wire off
  3. Yeah, adding all those mods doesn't necessarily increase the value of it, sometimes it can decrease the value of it. The pluses are that you get those mods and it only has 59000 miles. But you never know how rough it was driven. I would probably be shooting for the 9-10k range tops to be honest, from what i see here. Mainly because of the uncertainty and there's at least one thing you would need to fix, or ignore. I would recommend a GT as well. Though my V6 holds a special spot in my heart, lol, I still regret not getting a GT.

    Are you asking about vinyl stripes or painting them on?
  4. Get a mechanic to go over it. Vinyl stripes are super easy, gas gauge fix won't be hard, just time consuming. Do it yourself. Rear louvers and pin wires are very easy. Learn to work on your own car-we're here to help.

    The V6 gives you a significant insurance discount, so don't be in a huge hurry to go GT.

    Best advice: take your time, do your homework. That isn't a screaming deal, so don't be afraid to negotiate. Mods aren't worth much on resale. And remember, there's another one out there, so don't get in a hurry or fall in love.

    Let us know how it comes out.
  5. The price sounds kinda high. Mods dont really increase the value.....just makes it look better,sometimes, and its stuff you dont have to do,if you like whats on there. I have an 05 V6 that has only 15000 miles on it and Ive done some dress up on it and a few engine/tune/exhaust mods. But honestly it will never be a GT. Only so much that can be done to a 6 banger without extensive engine work and if you go that route you may as well have gotten a GT. I wish everyday mine was a GT but its payed for and a toy to drive in good weather. Good Luck