REALLY need help: Anyone know what transmission this is and where to get parts?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Brian68GT, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. This is the transmission in my 1968 GT fastback, 302 V8. The selector shaft (pin?) shattered and we're having terrible trouble getting the replacement part here in Ireland. Basically we can't get them!

    These are the number from the passenger side of the transmission:


    It is a 4 speed manual, reverse upper left. I think it may be from an F-100 truck?

    Where on-line can i get new parts for this?
  2. BAsed on your casting # for the case ( D9BR and it's a 4 speed manual, you probably have an overdrive version of the Toploader 4 speed. Some of the parts for it are the same as the earlier Toploader 4 speeds. Go to and contact the owner, David Kee. He will most likely be able to help you with replacement parts. I know he does business overseas ( he's based in San Antonio Texas) .
  3. Did you get your parts and if so, how is the tranny working out for you? I'm thinking about dropping the same exact tranny into my 1996 Mustang which currently is a 3-speed manual.
  4. probably a toploader.
  5. 5 year old thread... :nono:
  6. why are you looking up 5 year old threads
  7. Because after all the searching on the Internet, this was one of the threads that was pertinent to what I need to find out. Got any better idea on how to get help?

  8. Good reason.
  9. Have you tried David Kee?
  10. Try here: This is David Kee's site, if he can't help no one can. He ships stuff all over the world.
  11. I remember buying a used tranny like that, I never ran it tough. I had to trade for a rear end as I burned mine up. Mine was an aluminum case and I was told it was an S.R.O.D. (single rail overdrive) Tne casing looked like the old toploader but the shifter and linkage was like the T-5. I was also told that they had a real steep low gear (3.27) and an overdrive fourth (.80-.70). I've had folks tell me that it wasn't a very good tranny to race with but it seems like it was intended for all purpose street use. If its what I think it is, maybe a T-5 shaft could work. You may have to modify it.