Really Negative camber Shelby Drop on 70 mustang

Nick Bos

Dec 7, 2016
I think I got my ride height the way I want but after the shelby drop Im experiencing very negative camber. I have a 302 and did the shelby drop with a template, replaced the springs with 1" lower springs and new kyb shocks. I am currently reading around -1 degrees of negative camber on the driver side and around -2 degrees of negative camber on the passenger side. The problem is on the passenger side with the -2 degree of camber, the bolt is all the way over towards the center of the car, which is as positive as the bolt will go so -2 degrees, currently is as good as it will get. The driver side however, the bolt is in the middle of the slot and can go more negative or positive. The passenger side camber bolt will only have negative camber regardless of where it is.

Just want to hear your thoughts about where Im possibly screwing up. I have yet to drive the car a little so maybe just bumping the suspension can help things settle. The caster is as screwed in as it can be to help the camber. Im looking for at least -1 degree of camber and will call it a win at that point. Thanks!
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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mod Dude
Mar 5, 2019
The upper arm mounting points on the shock tower have the tendency to ‘sag’ to the middle of the car.

This can limit the amount of adjustment.

Do you have the one piece export brace installed? This can help.
might have to pull shock towers to get to fit.


15 Year Member
Sep 30, 2006
Do the UCAs not use shims like the earlier cars? If they don't, I don't think there is anything preventing you from using shims on the UCAs if needed. It does sound as if it may be a shock tower sagging problem though.


Active Member
Jan 27, 2007
Even though '67 to '70s didn't have shims on the UCAs you may have to shim them. I didn't see if you said if you have an export brace installed. Every early Mustang, '65 to '70, that I have worked on has had to have some sort of pulling done with frame pulling equipment. By eye, I can walk through a Mustang car show that the hood are open on and tell you which ones are bent, or still bent. I even questioned one guy about his Mustang that was extremely bent. He didn't see it, but he hasn't looked at them everyday for 37 years...