Engine Really Quick Question, Lower Intake Bolts

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  1. I looked and can not confirm
    Can I use my stock HO bolts for use with the explorers intake lower?
    I apparently didn't have enough explorer bolts when I went to install it.
    And the studs go into the throttle body right
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  2. You'll be fine. We are talking 18-22 ft lbs not head bolts.
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  3. Ok thank you, I didn't know if they were different size

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  4. Do not go over the ft lbs you can crack the intake!!!
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  5. Thanks I'll do 17 lol, didn't know that

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  6. The upper to lower bolts won't work. You'll need explorer specific bolts for that.

    But you can use your stock lower to block bolts.
  7. Thank you I was thinking that too. I have the 6 long ones for that

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  8. The OP's question was about the lower bolts, not the upper. Which is what I responded to.

  9. Correct. but he showed pics of the upper bolts as well, so wasn't sure if he was including those in his question as well
  10. All good my friend. Good advice all around. I would add he might consider a small spacer , as it will aid in both HP and VC clearance. A 1/2 inch spacer should clear a stock hood. Obviously it will require longer upper bolts.
  11. I'm picking up these. So a spacer will add hp too?
    I doubt these the bolts with that kit will work but I'm guessing it does
    These valve covers look like for efi right? And how would I install a filler neck to it? Thanks guys

    Also I haven't put a bolt in it. But without. The intake barely clears the hood it seems. So now I need a cowl hood
    meby6ere.jpg 8uvebasa.jpg ahe2e6u3.jpg dataqy3a.jpg y7eta4e8.jpg yta7are8.jpg

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  12. LOL,, looks like you already have a 1" spacer... hence the hood clearance issue. Those VC look like carb ones. No Baffle plate and no provision for the tube to the throtthle body.
  13. Lol right it's ridiculous the clearance and that's with no gasket . I was thinking those are carb thank you

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  14. I got the stock ones to clear. Just beat down the baffle
    Gonna crank tomorrow

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  15. Thee are gaskets for the EGR...you don't need to run rtv there if you want
  16. I had a gasket for it I thought but it was way small. Didn't even fit the bolt pattern for the studs on either intake. It previously had rtv

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