Rear Brake Install 2001 V6

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  1. Rear Brake Install - 2001 V6 Mustang.

    I have volunteered to do a freebie brake job for a young woman in need. Just making sure I can follow thru.

    Anything weird about installing brakes and rotors on these cars? I noticed a 2005 mustang video on Youtube that the calipers had spiral cups. I hope the 2001 are standard instead of spiral.

    Thanks in advance. Gary
  2. Spiral cups? Not sure what you mean there... but the piston does need to be rotated CCW to be pushed in. Takes a special tool and a bit of grunt to push it in. Otherwise, it is a straight forward job just like any other brake job.
  3. Freebie brake job? Is said damsel in distress hot?
  4. Hot? Hell, I don't know, I have never met her. I saw a post on CL where she was broke and needed help. Just trying to give back for some of the fortunate things that have happened to me (I am not counting the divorce in that list).
    This is supposed to happen tomorrow and have not heard from her, so maybe it will not happen at all.
    Thanks for the info guys.. Gary Moore
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