Rear Brake Lines (chafing)

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by BlackBuggy, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Anyone else noticed their rear brake lines chafing against the rear lower control arms? They run through a space in the lower control arm-by design- and chafe. They have a protective water-resistant wrap around that section that is already worn down on my car (only three years of chafing). I am probably going to find some similar material (hopefully something stronger than the stock) and wrap that little section.

    Has anyone else tried to combat the problem? I didn't like seeing the wear in the plastic tube/line cover from where it had been rubbing up against the rear LCA. Even in the event where it is a wire line, they have a tendency of rusting and then breaking due to the oxidation from water.
  2. They all do that, change the LCA's most after market units wrap the line around instead of through