Rear brake Piston stuck

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 02GTGnome, May 16, 2008.

  1. Hey, doing a full brake change on my 2002 Mustang Gt, got to the rear calipers, and I used the tool get i got from Advanced auto to screw the right rear piston back in, it screwed right back in no problems installed the pads and its fine, however went to do the right rear, and the piston is allll the way out, and no matter how hard i turned/compress it with the tool, and with my big pliers it won't budge! Anyone else had this problem and or have a way to get the caliper unstuck? i already bled more fluid out to try to relieve pressure, tomorrow i might try just taking the caliper off and trying to compress it out of the car. Any other ideas/solutions would be great.
  2. You are turning the piston right? Because if you just compressed it in you probably ruined the caliper piston. I have no idea why it would stuck like that.
  3. One thing to try is to disconnect the parking brake cable from the caliper first. I have seen a few where the cable puts just enough pressure on the parking brake lever such that the piston will not screw back in.
  4. mine did the same thing about 2 weeks ago. dont use the pliers, i used the piece that goes in the 2 little slots and you tighten it back in. it kept turning and turning not going in. finally we tried pushing the brake again to push it back out and to attempt to push it back in. worked like a charm.
  5. I had the same problem on my 95. IIRC, it wouldn't even turn and was totally siezed in the bore. I hit the brakes with the caliper off the rotor and popped the piston out. After that, I hit the bore with some emery cloth, hit the piston with it, rinsed it all out with clean brake fluid, and reinstalled it. It's worked for ~6 years now.
  6. Open the bleeder on the caliper, then turn it in. Taking it off the car is a good idea too, I had to do that when my idiot friend hit the brakes when the calipers weren't on the rotors lol... Sometimes you'll ruin the seals on the calipers, though. You can go to Autozone or something and usually they'll give you a core discount if you give them the old caliper, and a new caliper is only a couple bucks.
  7. you have to use compression ie c-clamp while turning the piston back in. Make sure you turn in the right direction.
  8. Hey got the caliper piston unstuck, took the suggestion from someone, forgot who, to remount the caliper on the mounting bracket while the rotor was off so I had a solid base, now the rear are perfect.
    However i went on my test drive and the front left caliper is locking up before the right, and i can see from the wear on the rotor that the front right isn't contacting all the way. I already took it apart and retightened remounted re lubed etc 2 times, and its till doing the same thing. Any more suggestions? I'm thinking my calipers might have not liked me putting off the brake change so long and are starting to wear out....Hope not so if anyone has any other ideas please feel free to share!