Rear Brakes Not Working Properly

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by dave beitler, May 30, 2013.

  1. I just picked up a 00 gt and the rear brakes arent working very well. If you have it jacked up you can turn the wheel witha little force. I bled them at the cylinders and master cylinder but that didnt help. the pads are a little worn but not ready to be replaced . I am stumped..anyone have any ideas?
  2. im not sure if the rear brakes have one or not but I know on the front the little 5 inch rubber line that runs from the steel line to the brake caliper was a big cause of hassle on my brakes, when I changed those to small hoses it made my brakes feel so much more there, before the petal was somewhat hard and the brakes would lock up every now and again so I started to change parts until I found the problem. Not sure if its your solution but its a cheap try to the problem.
  3. Also the rear brakes are the parking brakes and instead of just compressing the cylinder in you have to get the tool that turns the cylinder because it is threaded inside and rotates in and out.

    Just another thought to check out
  4. are the caliper bracket slider seized? very common. also possible the master cylinder is a problem, or hate to mention the abs unit is possibly failed but I doubt that one.
  5. More than likely, the caliper bracket slide pins are seized. You'll have to take the calipers off to check and relub.

    VERY common issue. I replaced both brackets on my '03 GT during the 5 years I owned it.
  6. On my '96 Taurus, I've had to change the rear caliper assemblies several times because they seize up. I believe the design is similar or same. IDK if the 00 GT has phenolic or metal pistons. The Taurus has metal and they corrode locked in place. You can check by removing the caliper, open the bleeder and compress the piston with a c-clamp or brake clamp. If it won't retract, it's time to rebuild or replace. It can also be rusting to the caliper pins. A good cleaning and lubrication with disc brake grease will fix that. Hoses can also cause an issue, though less likely.
  7. Rear calipers are cast iron. They rust like crazy.