Rear Bumper Removal

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  1. Hey i unbolted my rear bumper but now my bumper cover is in the way of me taking it out. Anybody who has done this before, what now?
  2. Remove the bumper cover silly... Pull the plastics out of the back of the car and you will find a series of bolts that go along the rear of the car and down each side. Remove those bolts and presto!.. Why exactly are you removing the rear bumper?
  3. Someone said it would lighten my car up and make it a racecar...:rolleyes:
  4. I've heard the same thing about flipping your front clip upside down?
  5. Think if I take all the weight out of the back of the car it would stop doing wheelies?
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  6. Remove fuel cell and place it on passenger seat for more weight up front and improved safety. A few more doritos tacos should help increase the size of the shed your building for your "tool" and in turn keep your car from standing up so much. ;)
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  7. What's wrong with your steel bumper? Is it damaged?
  8. Damn dont judge me i asked how to remove the rear bumper not your sarcastic opinions! Im doing weight reduction thats why im removing the bumpers just leave me alone. "Oh just ask us we dont bite" you guys definately bite
  9. "Omg -15 lbs because racecar" all that :poo: adds up i already feel a nice difference with my reduction say what you want. The biggest difference has been with handling and feel
  10. Dude, wash the sand out of your Vag, they're just messing with you. You're gonna need to grow a thicker skin if you expect to last around here. These animals will eat you alive otherwise. ;)
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  11. Were not judging, were telling you not to remove a piece of metal that is protecting your young non driving arse
  12. Its a 5 mph bumper. A 2300 -5000+ lb car at 40+ is not going to have any problem going through that thing.
  13. if youre looking for weight reduction theres a heavy chunk of iron under the hood you could remove and that'll keep you safe from some hair brain scheme of weight reduction... you were joking right?
  14. All of you are newbs at the weight reduction game. You all know an h/c/i swap can do wonders for a car. Well this is the b/a/s weight reduction swap. You just remove the bumper/air bag/seat belts and replace them with youth and no experience. Weight saved=street races won.
  15. Especially if it's not there.
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  16. And an untimely death
  17. because on a street car, that extra 10 lbs is really going to make a difference vs. protecting your ass or better yet the gas tank.
  18. Bumper covers (fascia) that are unsupported distort at speed. The flapping up front and acting like a flapping parachute in the back affect your top speed and acceleration. So if you take off the steel to make a race car, you still need something to support the cover.
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    Get a sense of humor, I'd hate to have drinks with people like you that don't have thick skin.