Fox Rear Defroster

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  1. I just picked up a lx hatch with defroster but my car has no such thing. How can I incorporate the defroster in my car? Are the wires already there but I need the switch?
  2. switch from a gt will fit right in. Its the one below your hazard switch. You likely have the wiring from ford tucked up in the rear quarter covers
  3. Yea the wire is there my car has the incorporated wires for a convertible top you will just need a ground on one side i dont know if ford will leave a hanging ground
  4. The wires did have a ground loop on one of them. After I hear back from the insurance company I will start putting on the "new" hatch
  5. Sweet sucks what happened to your car though man
  6. There is a relay inside the dash associated with the defroster. No idea if it's present on cars not equipped. Highly doubt it though. So you'd need to add this as well