Drivetrain Rear Diff Noise

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by GetinSideways, May 12, 2013.

  1. To start off i'm a diesel mechanic, I build engines so I'm a bit more knowledgeable than a do it your selfer. I recently put a true trac diff and 3.73 gear set in my 2005 v6 mustang, and had no noises for the first hundred miles. I'm at about 250 miles now, and I get a whine when I'm barely on the throttle. on the throttle, silent, engine braking silent, barely on the throttle enough to take load off the rear end, and it whines a little. After breakin I started beating on it, no issues, seems happy and healthy aside from that occasional whine. Next weekend I figure i'll open it up and look for wear, just looking for some opinions until then.
  2. Diff. fluid? Friction Modifier?
  3. The trutrac differential recommended conventional. 80/90. After 200 miles I pulled the cover and the pattern looks alright, maybe a touch high, pinion preload is definitely looser than it should be. Its been 400 miles now and today I'm gonna tighten up the preload on the pinion, and shim the backlash tighter if it has loosened aswell.