Rear End Gears: 3.55s or 3.73s?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by foxforce33, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I can't decide which gears to buy for my stock LX (5 speed).

    I was originally going to go with 3.55s to leave a little highway room, but I'm wondering if I'd be happier with 3.73s? I do drive my car occasionally on the highway. Anyone know the difference in cruising RPM between the two (say at 70 mph)?

    I had 3.73s in my '90 hatch, but it had a Tremec 3550 with a lower than stock 1st gear ratio--I burned up my tires in 1st gear even when I didn't want to.
  2. had 373's....if you liked them, buy them again. You must remember how they cruised down the highway right? It sounds like you have the info to decide for yourself
  3. I have 3.73's....I wish I had 3.55's
  4. Not exactly. The Tremec has different ratios than the T5. The 3.73s with the 3550 were too low. I was wondering how people liked them with a stock T5.
  5. How come?

  6. because i hate how short the shifts are and driving around in 3rd gear on main streets. I'm more of a highway driver, and when i drop a gear, i hate how as soon as the car gets into the powerband, it's through it and i need to shift.

    I like lower gears as it offers a better feel on the highway. My '03 GT had 3.27's and i thought they were perfect for the car.

    I am seriously debating switching out my 3.73's for either 3.55's, 3.27's or maybe 3.31's
  7. 3.73:1 on a T-5 is a good gear choice but then again it depends on your other mods, but for N/A street car its a good choice.
  8. I have 3.73's on my DD and love them. I regularly cruise on the interstate at 70-75 and don't have any regrets.
  9. I have 3.55s and I'm running about 2100 rpms on the highway in 4th doing 75-80 mph
  10. Man, I'm still torn.

    I think I am leaning toward the 3:55s (my initial instinct), but I'm still not sure. I guess there isn't a huge difference--one ring size.
  11. I have 3.73s and at first I loved them but at times when traffic is heavy and there is a lot of stop and go it can suck. Highway speeds I'm around 2100 rpms.
    Bolt on's, stock t5, 18x9 265/35 18x10 285/35's. If swapping gears was cheaper I would consider 3.27's as well since I take the stang out of town every few months (bout 5 hour ride). It would nice to be below 2k at 70mph.
  12. If your car is mostly stock I would go with 3.73. I put 3.55s in my car before I installed a keene bell air to air setup and wished it was lower ether way you go 3.55 or 3.73 it will make you car fill 1000 pounds lighter :nice:
  13. I'm thinking about 3.73s for my car.

    Are Motive Gears good? The guys who's going to my gears said that Motive, Yukon, and Jegs are easier to set than Ford Racing gears.

    Also, anyone know which speedo gear I need?
  14. My car is totally stock except for a cat-back exhaust.

    Here is my plan for the car:
    FRP shorty headers, h-pipe with hi-flow cats, either keep the flowmaster cat back or get something else, pulleys-maybe a few other bolt ons. Maybe ported stock heads and intake down the road. I want to keep the car on speed density and running good.

    Now I'm thinking I may just do the 3:73s-