Rear End help

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  1. Hi I am New to the forum.
    I have a 1974 mustang ll with a 6 cylinder engine
    all ready in it. I plan to put an 8 cylinder in it.
    my Question is how do you tell the
    difference between 6.75 rear end and an
    8'' ? Does anyone have pictures of these
    rear ends.
    thank you
  2. 8" is an integral carrier-whole ring and pinion comes out of the front of the rear end as an assembly. The 6.75 has a back cover very similar to the 7.5 and the 8.8. I would be willing to bet that if you have the V6, you probably have the 8".
  3. Did a little research, it might have a 6.75.... I don't think I have any pics of my rear end floating around, but the 8" looks pretty much like a 9"....
  4. Thank you for the information it has help me very much.
  5. No problem

    There might be a shot of my 8" on youtube. If you do a search on my username there, there will be a few videos of my car. There is one with some guidance on installing a Fox Mustang fuel tank in a II, you might be able to catch a glimpse there if you still want to visualize it.

    Good luck!!