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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 76_CobraII, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. what rear-end will bolt up easily to my 76 cobra II? any help will be greatly appriciated
  2. :D I will answer this but it needs to be moved to the II discussion area. You can put in a rear from a 65-66, they are supposedly the same legnth. Or since you have an 8in in your car you can call any axle company that makes 28 spline Moser...and order new ones. Here are the axle legnths: right side 29 7/8....... Left side 25 13/16. The 65-66 axles are a 1/4 in longer on each if you want to replace just axles,then change shoes to the ranger (from 9x1 3/4 to 9x1 1/2 and you can use the ranger drum. One of the guys in the group has put an 8.8 in from a fox body but had to modify it to fit. hope this helps:nice:
  3. thanks for your help and how do i move it to that thread. just start a new one there or what. and you can delete this one if you want then. but again thanks for your help
  4. What year Ranger parts work?
  5. :D One of the moderators has to move the thread. They probably wont cause there is not much action here. Jeff as to the ranger question. Any ranger that uses 9in brakes will work, but you have to change the shoes to the size of the ranger because our brakes are a 1/4 in wider. You are only using the shoes and drums from it anyway, your brake hardware should hold the shoes in place. Our brakes are 9 x 1 3/4 while the ranger is 9 x 1 1/2. Aerostar vans also use this size brakes as well. The axles you can have either custom made or try to get a set of 65-66 axles from an 8 in. but like I said they are about a 1/4 in longer on both axles. I have a machine shop that I am trying and he is going to try and drill the 5 x 4 1/2 pattern on my II axles that are in the car. Will let you know how it goes.:jaw:
  6. I have a '78, 8" axle I keep tripping over. I was going to try to use it in an early Mustang, but the bolt pattern is different.:(
  7. 75-80 Ford Granada/Lincoln Versailles/Merc Monarch
    70-77 Ford Maverick/Merc Comet
    64-67 Ford Falcon, Merc Comet
    72-80 Ford Pinto/ Merc Bobcat
    62-67 Ford Fairlane/Ranchero
    65-68 Ford Mustang
    67-68 Merc Cougar

    Alot of the overall width measurements depend on the the brakes that were ordered with the car and weather or not the backing plates were offset (backspaced) for these optional larger brakes.

    I have changed these axle assemblies amoungst each other many a time. It's my understanding that the Grenade/Versailles rear axle bolts right into a II. If that is true, then the rest of that list above should fit aswell.
  8. :SNSign: the granada maverick and cougar rears are considerably longer ( almost 2 inches total) the others are within a half to three quarters of an inch . the rear you have would be a direct replacement for a 641/2- 66 six cylinder car. like i said in other posts you can have 5 lug axles made for it. :jaw:
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