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  1. Right now on the higway I'm getting about 26. And about 22 around town. If my highway milage dropped to around town milage I would still be happy.
  2. get the 4.10's then.

    i got 22 mpg with them on the hwy. to me every mpg saved is better

    power and efficiency is my target.

    TP is right as far as a power adder is concerned. 3.73's are about max. that has been my experience.

    4.10's are not needed but if you loved them then what difference does my opinion make.

    try them out and see for yourself

    i didn't like them but you may
  3. Will 3.73's make a big difference over stock?
  4. I just called a local transmission / rear end shop and they said it would be between 850-900 dollars for a limited slip differential and 3.73 gears plus the install. Most people I recall said that they got the parts and the job done for around 500. Someone even said 300. I'll definitly be making some more calls. They also said shift kits + install are 400, which I dont think is too bad.
  5. I just bought 4.10 gears and a t-lok off of ebay. Both were new. Gears were $127 and the t-lok was $150. With shipping my total came to $306.99. I know someone who said they would install it for me for $100. I still have to look around at transmission shops.
  6. Damn. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Did you buy them from a store on eBay or just from 2 randumb people?
  7. I will be getting 3.73's and t going s/c'ed tho so I will spin those gears way better than a n/a car would...if I was staying n/a with a 6 I would seriously consider 4.10's. if you don't do alot of hway driving 4.10s....just for the get up and go fun factor!
  8. Thanks zincyellow03 for the link. I think I'll just get 3.73's becuase I'll be taking my mustang to college and driving home is 2 hours all highway, and I kinda only drive these backroads while im at home to my friends houses and to work, which are about 50 mph steady so thats all highway basically. I dont feel like killing my mpg, I'm gonna get the DiabloSport and run the 93 octane fuel mode so I'll be paying more money for gas to top it all off. Damn cars and their addictive modding-ness.
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    Go for 4.10s while you're in there They will not kill your mileage. It's your car though so do what you think is best. You'll like the added kick the Diablo will give your automatic. If you so choose you can also run your stock tune with the automatic shift points altered as per the performance (93 octane) tune. Not that I would do that of course.
  10. I know I already asked you what kind of gas milage you get with your 4.10's, but what does your wife's V6 get with the 4.10's? The same?
  11. About 2 mpg less in town and no noticeable change on the highway.

    zincyellow03 is having some installed. Ask him for an opinion too after they are in.
  12. Oh yeah, I just purchased my DialboSport Predator! $278.02! What a steal!
  13. Good or used?
  14. New!!! I bought U/D pulleys from for 200 and I overlooked that you could get U/D pulleys & the Diablo Sport Predator for 450 (Making the predator only 250). So, I emailed them after the fact and they said they would give it to me for that price, but I'd have to pay S&H or a processing fee. I still think i got a pretty good deal. The cheapest I've seen a new one sell for was $320 on eBay.

    I can't wait to get it. I'm gonna run the 93 octane program. I figure if the tank is 16.9 gallons and 93 octane is about 25 cents more than 87 thats only like 4 bucks more each tank to fill up, a very small percentage. Afterall, gas will never go down in price and I might as well enjoy the whole "muscle car" feeling cause it'll be 2X, 3X, 4X more expensive in the future. Damn I want a V8 hahaha.

    Anyone know how much power to the wheels I should expect to get running the 93 octane fuel (v6 only). I heard you might get a 1-2 more mpg running the premium fuel anyway. Things might balance out. If so, then Ill definitly go for the 4.10's & posi rear!
  15. I'm also going to get the preditor with the pulleys. I'm going to pay for my t-lok and gears today(damn paypal has to go through my checking account). I hoping to have them in by the end of August. Feel free to ask me any questions. Oh, workedv6 just got some gears installed and if you go to the v6 forums are dead in the talk area, he gives his opinion on them on the last page.
  16. Remember that automatics respond differently to gear changes than standards. Autos generally are more suited to 4.10s and standards to either 3.73s or 4.10s, depending on how the car is used.