Rear gas tank and front tilt hood pics..

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  1. Rear gas tank conversion pictures and front tilt hood. These are some of the pictures some of you requested. Im almost done I will post some more recent pictures soon.
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  3. all i gotta say. The gas tank thing is acceptable, but The tilt hood is just embarrassing. no offense tho, but just keep the original hood.
  4. I like the fron tilt hood. would make it stand apart from all the other foxes at a car show.
  5. The rear lift hood definitely looks different and really eliminates the possibility for a latch failure/windshield question is, how are you going to meld the rear gas filler w/ the body?
  6. relocate the liscence plate:shrug:
    it would be cool to recess the filler neck into the trunk and use a flip down plate to take the cap off. that would be sick.
  7. To where!? hehe
  8. i dunno about the gas tank thing. Isnt it in the trunk now?I imagine ford put it where it was for somekind of safety.
  9. your shiney metal ass:shrug:
  10. Don't listen to these jokers. I like both ideas.


    Can't wait to see finished product!
  11. yeah, but i mean, they stopped making the tank in the back like that in the 60's due to safety issues. Besides, it gonne be further back than the stock position, throwing off the center of balance. Remember, the factory does things with a reason. and sure the hood will make it stand out, but not necessarily in a good way.

    and why do you have hood pins when your hood doesnt open that way?
  12. the gas tank is still in the back just like it was in the 60's so what has changed:shrug:
  13. to each his own,the gas tank idea is actaully pretty cool if its hidden by the plate.real clean and im not sure what the other post was talking about the tank not being in the back,regardless the tank is in the back.only thing thats diff is the fill neck.
  14. I like both of the ideas, just something differnt and not ricy
  15. On the old cars and even on 80's Caprices you had to pull down the license plate to fill it up with gas. I like the way its in the center so you dont have to drive into the gas station a certain way and that its hidden under the plate, but I wonder about the safety issues.

    And how is moving the filler neck going to throw off the center of balance; it was and still is over the rear axle and it doesnt weigh that much.
  16. He cut the floor of his hatch out and pushed the tank up thats sure gonna mess with stuff.
  17. it's not going to mess with anything. if you have ever removed the trim in your trunk, you would see the filler neck archs into your trunk a little, but has a piece of plastic covering it. he'll have to cut the trim, but that's about it.

    it's something different, that's for sure...but i don't see the point. that's a lot of work just to say hey, my filler neck is behind my plate. hood isn't my cup of tea either, but it's his car. whatever makes him happy!

    just me :shrug:
  18. So he cut the floor? So its sort of a "drop in" the trunk tank now, like in the classic Mustangs... that has to be good.

    If this makes any sense, I would have cut the filler hole where he has it now, but I would've ran the filler neck through the spare tire well to the license plate, keeping the tank in the stock position.

    IDK I need more pics or an explanation from the horses mouth before I go on anymore.:shrug:
  19. why??? im sorry but that is butt ugly....its ur car though....just not my taste