Rear gas tank and front tilt hood pics..

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  1. Looks great.:nice: I have done alot of wet sanding and buffing with the wheel so i know its not easy...Keep up he good work cant wait to see the finished results...:)
  2. I'm Almost done with the sanding I need my wing to wet sand...:banana:.. I had polished the right side of the car but i left out a few little specs on the clear where i didn't sand and man you can tell big time... so i went back and did those small spec i just need to go over it again. I had done a light pass with the buffer and looks good but need to go over it one more time.Better move slower and make sure i do it right than speed up.. Its my first time so dont want to fudge up.... Then move on to the next step of the polishing.....
  3. Looking real nice on the paint.. Shiny!
  4. Heres an update.. Used the cutting compound on the whole car heres some picture...Sorry about pictures took them with my phone...Next its a swirl remover or polisher not sure which one ...i will check tomorrow

  5. The car is really looking good. I like both the hood and the gas tank ideas.

  6. Glad you liked it not to many liked it at first they will come
  7. where are you located in AZ??? would love to see it cruising..
  8. Yes in Yuma AZ.. 5 minutes from Cali. 30 min from Mex. 8 minutes from CHICHI Bar!!! :D.. Yeah I would love to hear it too.. I havent heard it with some of the stuff i put on...bigger intake. bigger trottle body.bigger mass air. smaller SC pulley..Since the body is almost done i will start working more on the engine bay putting my engine together and all the other stuff i got.. This is like a multi going to install .line lock,.mounted new msd, need a new top..may install it myself too.Going to get all new weather stripping.. I took the old ones out.. and now they look crappy.. new paint new weatherstrip. Need to rivet them on though..and many other stuff i never installed before.. so lets see how it comes out...
  9. So i was sitting in my garage today just staring at my car.daydreaming of how it will sound and look when its all done..........I still have lots to do.. Have to order all new weather ive touch almost everything on this car..... so i decided since i have to wait for that weatherstripping migh as well start working on the engine start running my vacum lines and putting my intake gaskets......Want to give up already!!!!!!to much invested ....
  10. keep plugging away. you've come too far to stop now and not see the end product.
  11. plus I want to see it.
  12. i Want to see it and actually hear it too......

    I have a question about my sump tank.. I have the one that has two 1/2 fittings ,shouldnt one be higher than the other one for the return?I bought a npt to an fitting and seems that it does not go in all the way it has like about inch thread an goes in like 1/2 to 3/4 in. Is that normal? I tought it was the treads on the holes because it had some stuff from the sealer i put in the tank. But i cleaned them out with a threader chaser/cleaner..still does not go in all the way... Help please.....
  13. ANYONE PLEASE????!!!??
  14. :shrug:I think it will be ok if i use like an epoxy or like jb weld, teflon something compatible with gasoline so it wont leak.....Any ideas?:shrug:
  15. well heres where im stuck i retreaded my fitting to clear the treads but the fitting wont go all the way in.. Here how she looks without an ass...LOL


    here are some pictures of the hinges and the bar to see how it clears the radiator. dont think i had a picture of that...


  16. I was outside put my back bumper on permanetely now.had it loose when i painted because wanted to get a little under the original position and i knew i had to get in there when i did my cleaning of the treads.. well i also put my trunk brackets or springs whatever its called. The paint stuff is like 90% done need to wax andneed to do two small touch ups. my cowl vent cover and my tail lights.. I want to overhaul my tail light started sanding them so i can paint the black trim around the red.... then polish them with my headlight polishing kit..see how it turns out...Need to look for my vacum diagram what i actually need and domnt need.....well ive had a long day have to stop in the garage...Have bartending training tomorrow...
  17. Damn looks good man
  18. Awesome man. big props to being unique.