Rear gas tank and front tilt hood pics..

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  1. Thanks guys trying my best....... well today im doing my vacum lines. I need to know which vacum lines do i actually need... HAVE no smog. no ac.. Do i need my ac vacumm line if i have my heater? I know i need my booster, my canister, my fuel pressure. What else do i need. Some help would be nice i can actually work on the stang tonight....
  2. I have no heat, no ac, no smog either, i just got rid of the whole firewall block all together, ran a line from the back of the intake to the booster to clean things up
  3. Yes have that one done... intake straight to the booster.. How about the fuel pressure, the egr. the vacuum reserve. I do have heater do i need that ac vacuum hose?
  4. I just capped all those off, not like you need them with no smog equipment. You may need to keep the a/c lines for the heater
  5. Cool i was talking to a friend he said he took everything of even the egr. Some say not to take it of. some said they took it off an did not affect the car.. he added a delete plate. May do that. So i will need my booster, my ac vacum line , my reserve canister and my pressure regulato.. cool ..thanks
  6. Well guys havent done much to the car.. I took my engine apart to put it back together since i didnt have it on with gaskets...I had it hand tighten so i wouldn't loose anything.. Well i havent bought my new valve covers so i used the stockers. it didnt clear my roller rockers so i had to grind the inside.. I had my covers out with a bunch of tools.. They were in my get rid of pile so i took them out and was going to paint themmbut i desided to clean them up and polish them.... so here they are...oh yeah i finishe most of my wiring i just need to run my new vacuum are the picts
  7. wow that looks great
  8. I did all my vaccum line yesterday just need to plug them onto my upper... I have a question for those that this plug a vaccum source?? i would like to run my vacuum stuff through there.....Thanks..

  9. don't know if that was intended but I don't see why not if you get the right fitting and have enough room to run a line
  10. i thought so i dont see what else it could be i will be putting a 1 inch phenolic spacer on the and seem that i have lots of room even with my aeromotive rails...
  11. Those valve covers and water neck came out awesome. I'd hit them with some clear coat to protect the polished look from weather.
  12. is there a special way to prep the valve covers for paint????wont i get like fisheye with the polisher i used???Thanks
  13. Well I did some more work on the stang today..Need to do some other minor connect the electric fan. my electrical on the lineloc.havent done my upper vacuum stuff not sure how im going to connect them to the intake....I actually bumped into my front bumper and chiped the paint you can barely notice it but i know its there so i want to fix that.. i also broke through like in 4 spots when i sanded...i need to touch those up to..oh and paint my cowl cover and tail light housings That i forgot...

    How much do i need to scuff around the damaged area???
    Do i need to respray the whole panel with clear??
    i actually have lots off clear left so i was thinking of hitting those spots with base and clearing most of the car to give it some more clear coats..Good idea or bad idea???
  14. Man that looks great! Really like the tilt hood too. What wheel (bench or hand held) and compounds did you use to polish the aluminum with?
  15. Keep up the progress man. and when its all said and done you will 1005 have something no one else does.
  16. Sorry guys I'm out of town now.Answering with my phone hopefully I can post this...the polishing was done with an angle grinder with a abrassive pad.medium then a fine for cleaning up the cover then used a bench buffer with a tri.poli compound then a white compound for aluminum for final shine well then I did a pass by hand with Mothers...
  17. WEll im back from cali wishing someone would of answer some of my questions....:(
  18. so where does it sit man? any updates?
  19. Didnt think anyone was looking at this i have progress but not really cant really notice..

    I done with my fuel lines finally ran them installed them.. my vacum lines done except my main ones to booster and pcv.. i need to put my SC to see how to run my last small vacum lines...but got the fittings for my intake..
    Im working on getting my steering column on but my wiring harness are old and some are breaking so i need to replace those because some came apart..Cant find them online or LMR...maybe someone can direct me to them...done with electric fan. lineloc.fuel system...well here are some pics




    replaced these on left with the right ones...

    oh also got a coil for it....thats it not much progress been busy with other projects ..home..and work..just need to get my steering column put fluids in and start it....hopefully.

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