Rear gas tank and front tilt hood pics..

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  1. cool project man. I like the tilt hood & the rear tank filler
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  2. So I did some progress will add pictures soon ...I installed my aeromotive pump...added oil..pullies...belts...just have to get some bolts for the intake can't find mine....well...will post some pictures of car in a few
  3. SO the exterior of my car is almost done.. i need to get me some new headlights andnew top.....The engine will be firing soon as i get my intake bolts.. not sure where they went.. somehow they got miss placed...just need to add all my fuilds and put intake gaskets to upper and throttle is wired up and need to get a coupling for the c&L to pipe...cant wait my goal is to get it running in less than 2 weeks..well heres some shots of it cleaned i had it in the garage it was filthy..

  4. Looks good! Wow the paint came out awesome:drool::eek:. Remember seeing this thread when I first joined. Nice work:flag:!

  5. Yes it came out ok. For my first time...I'm even embarrassed of how long it took me to do a whole overhaul....but I'm happy its almost done
  6. Well everyone my mustang is finally on.. Its running kind of high..i have to adjust air, fuel..valves(to loud) but its on............yeah it actually started up right away.. it backed fired the first time because i had the distributor shocked the f..... out of me but man i was so happy when it turned on..after many years i hear it happy....
    sorry crappy video but sounds better in person or on a loud speaker in a computer..doesnt sound good on my phone.. here it is hope you like..

    Mustang with paxton2000 - YouTube
  7. Man ive been zapped by the dizzy before, did a little dance i wasnt expecting thats for sure.
  8. LOL Yeah and doesnt themsd box add a some stroger zapss...and new
  9. There was a tear in the coil wire, coupled by my hand being on the STB so i was a conductor, fun times