1. Here is the tag from the rear axle on my 92. Does this mean 3.08 gear and an 8.8" ring?

    If not, what do these numbers tell me?

  2. Yes...the 3L08 stands for 3.08 gears with the trak-lock rear in the 8.8"...

    The rest stands for where and when it was manafactured...and if I had to guess, you have an auto?

    Sucks to have the 3.08s, but at least you have the good 8.8 rear...

    Heres what I found when researching mine...

    The first S stands for the Sterling Axle Plant.The 229C is the particular rear axle model build code.The 3L27 mean it is a "Trak-Loc" 3.27:1 rear axle ratio. Track-Lok is just a Ford owned name for their limited slip differential.The 6H09 refers to the build date. Your rear end was built on October 9th, 1996. 6 gives you the 1996, the H is the month, and 09 was the day of the month.

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  3. It's not an automatic. It's a 5spd.
  4. Wow, I thought they only put the lesser gears in the autos, but then again its a 92, so I guess it was what was good at the time...

    Either way, I hope I was able to help you...

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  5. Yes, you verified what I suspected and that was helpful.

    BTW, a 3.73 swap is going in on Wednesday.
  6. Kiss the 3.08's goodbye. 3.73's are in. What a difference!!!

    Now I need a speedo gear.
  7. IIRC the only 2 Gear choices in 92 were 2:73s and 3:08s, my 92 had the 3:08s.