Rear Interior Panels - Swap Convertible in a Coupe?


Aug 7, 2018
Out of curiosity, will the rear seat interior panels from a Convertible fit in a Coupe?

Before this winter, am looking at doing a rear seat delete on my 95 GTS. Looking at online examples and I noticed (same-brand kits) the vert has a much more flush fit appearance than the coupe. Most notably where the sides of the interior panels meet the delete. Just curious if anyone has ever done a swap like this.

In a coupe I would assume there will be some holes in the panel, like where the vert top would sit, or the seatbelts go through. Eventually II would plan to fill that in (fiberglass or other) and refinish to match. But I'm curious about other challenges like gaps like where the speaker cover meets top edge of the rear seat. Things like that.