Drivetrain Rear Lower Control Arm Brand Specific?

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  1. I have a 2002 Mustang GT that the previous owner put on rear lower control arms and now it needs new bushings. As far as I can tell, these are pretty much generic for the most part. I cannot find any information on the arms themselves that would indicate a brand.

    Pictures are in the album at the following.
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  3. Those look to be the chinese LCAs which several companies sell. I'd recommend upgrading to good quality LCAs, rather than replacing the bushings in these.
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  4. Those look a whole lot like the SVE tubular control arms sold by Latemodel Restoration.


    Have no personal experience with them, but they're pretty much an entry level arm. Contact LMR. They should be able to set you up with replacement bushings.

    .....or follow the advice of the posters above. Pretty tough to go wrong with Maximum Motorsports or UPR stuff either.
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  5. I thought about replacing the arms. I may just end up doing that. Thank you for the replies.
    Considering selling the car (hate to but makes sense right now). Not sure if I should just put bushings on or replace the arms for the next owner.
    I'll be buying a motorcycle in the meantime as a secondary vehicle till I can get things in order to buy another mustang, maybe one of the late 80s.
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  6. May instead just buy a cheap junk car for a winter driver. My winter driver died soon after I bought this.
  7. General consensus is UPR or Maximum Motorsports. I like UPR for the lifetime warranty.
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