rear quarter covers?!??!

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  1. it doesnt show any for the 94-98...and i dont like them.
  2. some guy on mustangworld put those on his 03 cobra, for his "eleanor" project. I personally didn't care for them. But what style were you thinking, there are several.
  3. For $400 I would pass hell I would pass even if they were $25. Unless you plan on going for the full "eleanor" effect.
  4. I was looking at just a flat cover, like the Red new edge at the bottom.

    Is the pic with the White Mustang, with the GT1 style, is that one not a 94-98, I'm on a VERY ****ty work computer right now.
  5. i like how the pic of the red mustang says JDM, that means its for v6 ricers