rear seat delete kit in, but have a question

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Slapyo, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. ok, i got the kit in. i ordered the one from removed the rear seat no problem, was gonna do the seat belts too but i had to goto work so i'll just do that another day. my question is on the bottom panel for the rear seat delete.

    after removing the seat there was this frame that ran along the bottom with 2 bolts in the middle and one on each end. this is causing the center to push up at the very back of the rear seat delete panel. i was thinking about removing them, but have not checked to see if there is a nut on the bottom holding them on. anyone else have a problem with this?? know how to fix it??

    beyond this the kit looks good. i will post pics when i get home and can transfer them to my computer. one thing that the kit mentioned was some velcro, but uhhh...there was none in my kit. it also came with 2 L shaped brackets but made no mention of them at all. basically, sit the bottom panel in, put the top panel in, and put the screws back through the holes in the top of the back panel. but if i were to do this by reusing the bolts like was suggested they won't fit, they are not long enough. plus they don't have anything to screw into on the back side. makes me wonder. who know's when i get some time here i'll goof around with it a little more and make it fit perfect.

    another thing i found, was when i removed the seat there was this HUGE gash in the plastic panel to the drivers side. the mark was below the seat line and i know i didn't do it when i removed the seat. this thing is HUGE, and completely visable now with the kit in. i'm gonna have to buy a new panel, cause i know ford would say that i did it when i removed my seats.
  2. ok here are the pics, you can see in the middle that little hump that comes up. that's from the 2 studs that stick up.

  3. i don't know man, but i have the one from yellow mustang reg. on the way. :nice:
  4. just a quick bump to see if anyone can help.
  5. What all is included in a "rear seat delete kit"? Is it just a ratchet handle and a couple sockets that retails for 80 something dollars? It just seems kind of pointless to me to buy this "kit" when one could just remove the seats with tools i have at home and buy some automotive fabric from autozone for 6.99 and lay it down...I could be wrong...maybe there's more involved? :shrug:
  6. That bar you're referring to only started on the mid 03 model and up. It's a child seat mounting bar from what I hear. Haven't seen it in person though. Just remove it and it should fit just fine.
  7. no tools included, just the panels to replace the seat.
  8. i did remove the bar, but there are the 2 studs left in the middle of the car that poke up and cause the buldge. when i tried to fit it with the bar in place it was even worse. i removed it and it looked a little better, but still has the studs pushing up on it.
  9. That's why God invented the hacksaw. :nice:
  10. heh, i went to ford today to find out about those. they told me those studs were welded in and the only way to remove them is to cut them.

    also, still trying to find some bolts to hold the back in place against the rear headrest...can't find the right length bolt. ahh, i'm sure i'll figure a way for it to fit and not look funny, or i'll just cut em off!
  11. hey bro i bought the same rear seat delete kit from x2cmotorsports and they forgot to give me the L brackets. i received the velcro and the push pins. i ran into a problem though the push pins wouldn't go in. this is the reason why. the side panel that connects to the back piece is not lined up correctly with the hole it's suppose to go into. you have to customize it to fit. i'm just going to re-drill the plastic piece to let me put in the push pin that they supplied. If you call them and tell them you didn't receive all the parts they send them out right away. very recommended store.
  12. wow, the yellow mustang registry kit i got didn't come with any thing. i just kind of sits in the car with no bolts. it fits good but there is a small space on the drivers side between the delete and the side panel. its ok though, and i lost 34 pounds. i left the seatbelts in too.

  13. If there were holes in the bottom panel, say, where the 2 studs poke into it at, would the studs poke all the way through the panel. If not then just drill 2 holes on the underside of the panel that don't go all the way through then it should lay flat. Hope you understand my idea.
  14. OK, I have a couple of questions. When I get the rollbar installed I will of course need to do a rear seat delete as well. Here is what I need to know.
    Can the bottom cushion still fit with the top/back portion of the rear seat delete kit in place? What I need to do is to be able to still install my son's child seat at times (just for runs to daycare) Ok, don't laugh.... I'm dead serious. The way I invision it is to keep the bottom cushion in place, therefore the car seat would go just as normal, and would be using the factory seat belt. The only thing different would be the fact that the back panel would not be a cushion. Then when it's track time, take the bottom cushion out and slip the bottom delete panel in.

    Make sense? I seriously need to know this in advance so I can prepare my excuses for the wife.

  15. Ive been thinking of doing the seat delete. Do you really lose any weight? I mean I know the back seat doesnt weigh much. Your also putting weight back in. :shrug:
  16. If it's a coupe, yes. Convertible, not really.

    The back frame section of the rear seat in a coupe weighs a whopping 26lbs. The bottom is about 12lbs and the headrest another 4 lbs. Add the seatbelts (5lbs) and padding (1lb) and you've got yourself a substanstial weight out of the car.

    With it all out, it looks hideous with bare metal showing, and the noise levels are raised drastically. So it's almost a necessity to put something back in to cover up the uglyness and dull the road noise. With it all out, you can even hear the gas sloshing in the tank when you drive. It's good to cover it up with something (and get the storage space where the seat padding was) ;)

    The convertible doesn't have the big seat frame that folds down, so weight savings is minimal (about 12 lbs net)
  17. ok cool. hey where do the l brackets go. i was thinking of drilling some holes in the lower panel and putting in a couple of those plastic push in clips to hold it in place. just gotta line it up with a couple holes.

    it looks great though, glad i did it.
  18. Intesting mod, but I have a feeling all I would do with the extra space is add a bunch more crap to the backseat...
  19. The little angleiron brackets mount on the steel pan into the screw holes where the rear back rest was secured. (where you had to push the seat down so you could remove them) they serve as a support for the two panels, you might have to bend them alittle to fit...
  20. I was wondering. Didnt know how much the kit weighed. When I had my 93 I removed the back seat and that seat didnt weigh anything at all. The bottom portion at least.