Rear seat delete kits..

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  1. Been looking around and found these for those of you interested...This guy looks to do some sweet work so I ordered one up in Black cloth...not really sure if I want a logo in mine or not...
    Check out his work...
  2. This guy does some good work. He sells them on ebay also. I am having him make me one right now. I want it made with microsuede to mach my new Corbeau seats, so he is looking to see if he can get it now. He can do almost anything if you just e-mail him.
  3. Those logos look rediculous....i'd get a blank one (if i had a car, lol)
  4. thoes are pretty nice, cant justify paying over $100 for a $25 piece of wood :D
  5. I got a plain Jane Black one for 82.00 shipped....Fair price I I dont feel like making one... :D
  6. i'll make them for $10 less, pm me :rolleyes:
  7. i sent him an e-mail to see if he can make me one to hide my 12" eclipse sub, and amps......

    good find Andy.....

  8. i like the 94-95 GT one
  9. Bring it on...Post up some pics... :D
  10. please send money first :rolleyes:
  11. I'll agree some of the logos look out of proportion, but some look nice. The cobra, running pony, rouch, and saleen ones look decent to me. But yea, if I was gonna do it, I'd probably go plain.
  12. how does he keep the center pieces in? are there clear rods holding them in place or plexiglass on the backside they are glued to?
  13. I like to see what I'm buying...I wanna see fit/finish in the car... :nice:
  14. I'de leave my rear seat in IMO. Interior gets to noisey with the delete kit
  15. I like the gt one how heavy are they
  16. I've been looking at these ones before, talked to him about a month ago....but again, paying 125 bucks plus shipping to Canada...meh
  17. Some of those look kind of cheap. But over all, it looks like he does a good job. Also, A few of those look pretty thin. I just made one myself and I was going to use some thin wood for weight, then I returned it for some thincker plywood. I'm glad I did. It turned out awesome and you can still use it as a seat if you need to.

    p.s. I'm going to put up pics of my seat delete tonight when I get home. Also, I have some materials left, so if someone wants to buy one, let me know or I can sell ya just the pieces of wood cut out. Which is the part that really takes most of the time.
  18. PM me with a price! I'm too lazy to make one! :hail2: