Roush Rear seat delete/ package tray questions

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  1. I'm looking to have a shop create one of these for me (unless any of you guys have a lead on an authentic unit for sale) and would like to see as many pictures as possible. What material was it made out of?

    I saw it in MM&FF a while back in one of the "Fox Rods" by Chicaynne Motorsports (if i remember correctly) and have wanted one ever since. Does anyone have any contact info for that shop?

  2. Here's mine.

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  3. Joe from Chicane used a Saleen SSC rear delete, that he bought at a Saleen 'yard sale' type deal. Unfortunately, they are now obsolete, and no longer producted. There is a lot of internet talk that Saleen is going to be offering Fox-Body parts again, but the SSC delete will not likely be one of them. Also, Dugan Racing offers a similar kit, made out of fiberglass, but they are made to order, meaning extremely long wait times, and I have not heard good things about his products and customer service (internet rumors only though). I would check out this site:

    His products are expensive, but they look fantastic. :)
  4. I've heard good things about the dugan, which i also heard is a complete duplicate of the SSC one, in fact that's where i heard they stole the design from.

    It is fairly expensive itself, then you need to have it covered, costing even more.

  5. Exactly what Joe said.


    Joe added those stainless doors to his SSC package tray. This car in person is a site to behold.
    Dugan Racing took a real SSC rear seat delete out of an 89 SSC and duplicated his rear seat delete kit. I have seen a couple of them. They are not as clean as Saleens part but very good. I don't even know if he is making them anymore. Joe does not have any of them at all.
  6. that car is amazing just from the pictures. You can tell its one of the cleanest foxes around. I cant imagine seeing it in person... I'd fade the paint from the flash on my camera... :D
  7. you can remove the seatbelts too, heres mine

    I made my own rear seat delete kit last month. I decided to take out the seat belts too. I have since put some nice black plastic pieces to fill the holes the belts came through on the roof.

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  8. Is the bottom of your RSD padded it looks pretty tall? What did you use to fill the seat belt holes?
  9. Guys, the rear seat delete in a fox, is not so simple in a hatch. I'll assume he wants it for his fox since he mentions the chicane fox rod.
    The dugan is the only close to real saleen SSC option there is.
  10. bottom is padded, but has space underneath

    Hey Jeff. I ran a 2x4 side to side across the car. I wanted the 5/8" plywood bottom to be the same level as the trunk. The back is easily removeable from the trunk (two bolts by hand) and can support hundreds of LBS on seat or back.

    As for the seatbelt holes, I used 1/8" ABS plastic. You can pick up sheet ABS at Tap Plastics. I used a torch to heat up the plastic and molded it from the back side of the panel and used silicone to glue. It came out very clean, and looks great. I went one further and actually removed the entire seatbelt from car and avoided some potential rattling around of metal parts in trunk :D
  11. That is a clean install! :drool:
  12. ive got an SSC delete, i was thinking we could get something going with repros of them... gonna need somebody local that could lay the fiberglass for it, but any uphostery shop could cover them for you... but im just curious as to how many people would actually be interested in doing something like this... also, mine doesnt have that padded piece that covers the seam between the 2 deletes, but it DOES have a piece that fills the space between the front of the deletes and the center console. but if we could get something going on these old off the wall saleen parts that nobody stocks anymore, that would be awesome seeing as how fox body saleen parts are so hard to come by. just my 2 cents and then some...:shrug: