Rear Seat Delete: Teh Write-up

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  1. Great write-up. I think it should be a sticky and add it to the mods sticky. Seriously, sticky this thread....or I'll eat a baby.
  2. there are THOUSANDS of different ways to go about doing this. However some take more time to plan out. The main reason why i did it the way i did is so i can have access to my spare tire which i havent had for the last 2 years since ive had the car
  3. +1...minus the baby :D
  4. Great write up NightHawk you are a good man! :nice:
  5. Nice write up! I'm planning on doing the same thing but I want to try to find something a little lighter weight that is still strong enough to hold subs in the back board and amps on the seat part. I also want to find charcoal greay leather to cover it so it will match the rest of the interior. I build my car for performance but it is still a daily driver for now so I have to try to find the right stuff to meet my goals. Any suggestions on what other materal can be used.
  6. Good thing we all drive mustangs because there isnt anything classy about Ford interiors. :lol: :D
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  8. What other kind of material can be used for this? Im very interested in doing this but I want something super light. The material used to make signs out of is a great idea.
  9. like sheet metal u mean?

    heres a suggestion, how good are you with fiberglass? :D (im being serious)
  10. anything that can hold regidity... glassing the back would work, pieces of lexan, sheet aluminum, cement... hell, you could make a frame out of wooden dowels or use 2-3 wooden slats per area and just cover it with paper.... you can be as creative as you want to.

    ABS would work too, very firm and fairly light in the 1/16" inch sizes. posterboard, cardboard.... glass.....rubber sheeting, cut number2 foam, styrofoam, ice..... anything can be used... this really isnt that hard of a concept. anuything that can maintain its shape would be fine. and if you never use it as a shelf then al you need is a little velcro to hold it in place. use bricks if you want.... tile, baseboard and lenolium, hardwood flooring, sheetrock, roofing tiles, chain link fence...

    any of the above will work for materials. how much do yuo want to spend, how much weight do you care to save, how much time are you willing to spend to make it work. both NH and i did it for audio reasons... i needed an amp rack, he needed a place for his subs. so we used MDF as its normal in audio use. you are only limited in what you can find, what tools you have to cut and shape with, and what thought you are willing to put into the project.

  11. Great.... now wheres the write up for my convertible? ;) j/k.... looks good man
  12. if i had a vert id make one lol, the bench is the same isnt it? so ur half way there:rolleyes:
  13. :rolleyes:
    oh oh oh ... i'm doing the chain link :D
  14. oooh this is a keeper of a thread, this will give me somthing to do over christmas when im off from work!

  15. the only contribution ive made to SN since i joined :rolleyes:

    im glad its a hit :nice:
  16. i think i will just buy mine online
  17. did u lose any wait after u added all that mdf?
  18. Yeah, I think I'll buy a RSD and just add my subs :)
  19. i cant tell you an exact measurement, but i can guess that i prob lost only about 5-10 lbs max...if you plan on doing this without subs it will be more...i myself have 2 12" subs in it so that weighs it down slightly

    the weight reduction was not what i was goign for however, if its something you are seeking, just use a lighter material instead of a 1/2" MDF application

    ppl stay on topic please, this is a write up! :)