Rear Shackle Placement

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  1. So in examining my gas tank problem I noticed a problem with my rear shackles. They are the super long shackles (6-8 inches), but it seems like the longer shackles are putting too much twist on the mounts. I have ordered new, shorter shackles, I just want to make sure they are safe and secure when I install them. The first pic is driver side, the second passenger side. My questions are, does the shackle mount to the frame rail, and what is the best way to fix the problem?
    photo 1.JPG
    photo 4.JPG
  2. The shackle mounts exactly as shown but those frame rail ends have to be replaced . You can buy the short rail end at any Mustang parts supplier ,Mustangs Unlimited ,National Parts Depot , Branda . It will have to be cut out and the new piece welded in . It is not safe as it is .
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  3. Thanks horse sence. That's exactly what I thought.
  4. I just had to partial rail replacement on my 68 coupe and found a hole bunch of rot in other panels. IMHO, you should take a close look at your sheet metal (Qtrs, wheel wells, trunk brace, trunk drop offs etc.) and replace all bad panels at the same time. Also suggest you use the Eastwood Internal Frame Coating paint to help stave off further rust issues. Just my thoughts.
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  5. I know the left side of the trunk beside the fuel tank has some small holes, so I know that needs to be replaced. I've been considering taking the car down to get media blasted, but right now I have more time and energy than money.
  6. PST has poly graphite bushings for those springs and shackles when the rust is fixed. I suspect rust, not long shackles, was the entire problem.
  7. What are the other options for rear suspension? I was watching a youtube video where Stacey David on Gearz replaced a suspension with a heavily braced rear that didn't connect to the shackle mount. It made me wonder what else is out there.
  8. 3 point or 4 point bolt up ,uses trailing arm much like a GM and coil over shocks .Works great but you will still need to repair the rear rails , but nothing will bolt there