rear side windows

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  1. Anyone wonder about the rear side windows? In the mock-ups done based on the CAD drawing they just look incredibly plain. And I think they're pretty much hidden in all the spy shots. Obviously they need windows back there (vs. the show car) for rear visability reasons, but I'm thinking maybe the treatment on the production car will be more intersting than the CADs suggest. Thoughts? Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere...
  2. I don't know, I can see just fine out of my Fastback :shrug:

  3. The original CAD images, which many of the photo-chops were made from, were of just the bare sheet metal. They did not have any glass in the CAD images and there was no trim pieces on it either.

    Since there are openings in there rear roof sides, Ford should be able to put many different things in the holes, windows, like the early Shelby's, vents like the 65 & 66's had, scoups like the later Shelby's or who knows what, maybe something new we haven't thought of yet.
  4. Great looking car, Tyler. :nice: Yeah, I'm wondering if they'll go with something like that.
  5. If I get one I'm getting rear window louvers.:banana:
  6. Thanks! :nice:
  7. I second that notion, great car tyler! Nice colour too.
  8. I suppose I should say something on topic, so here it is.

    I think if they had optional stuff that would be awesome, optional vents and scoops, and window styles.