Rear Speakers for my '92, what are good?

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  1. I still have the stock rear speakers in my '92 LX hatchback and I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good ones to get that fit well and arent that expensive, thanks
  2. I've got Boston Acoustic 5X7's in the back of mine. And as hard as I try I can't blow em up!!!! It was about $100 (canadian) for them, but that was probably 4 years ago when I bought em.
  3. I've had a few sets, and i've found that nothing in the stock locations on a fox hatch work all that well. So don't bother getting anything real expensive, because likely it will still sound crappy.
  4. best advice i've read all day...

    go to best buy get some pioneer or whatever, if you want good sound, get a HU with RCA preouts and run a 2 channel amp to your front speaker (which should be a component set) then just power your rear's off your HU, there really there to give you some rear fill the component set will give you your sound stage.
  5. i love my clarions's they have a four inch speaker and a little tweeter but i have infinity kappa's in the front, and i am pretty sure they make a 5x7 and i will upgrade to those soon
  6. I put Kicker Impulse 6x9's in my rear deck, and they sound great in there, IMO. Of course, I did change all my components too though; there's nothing of the stock system in it at all now.
  7. Kinda irrelevant because in a hatch there is no deck. Works well on a coupe though.