Rear Sway Bar / Ride Height Imbalance 2012...


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Feb 3, 2018
... I just had rear end links/bushings replaced (2012) to correct that fairly common knocking-rattling noise as things loosen up back there... Now tight and no noise...but, driver side Rear now sits an inch+ higher and of course pushing down on the right.. looking like a couple bags of Sakrete made their way back there---not happy at all . I'll get it back to the shop, but what would be the most common "mistake" or issue/adjustment that would cause this?? Any help appreciated so I'm armed with a bit of knowledge.. Thanks.
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Oct 10, 2000
Chesterfield, MO
Maybe the shop moved the rear spring and it is not sitting correctly in the perch? Did they use shims to get clearance (highly unlikely, imo)? Did they change a spring (again, not likely)? Did they use a longer endlink on the passenger side? The sway bar only goes in one way and the endlinks "have to fit". that is, they are teh same lingth and the geometry is fixed. If the sway bar is adjustable, maybe one end is in a different hole than the other? Hard to understand how the shop could get the one side up an inch compared the other side. Slide under the car (on ramps, of course) and see what you can see!



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