Rear tire size??

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  1. Looking at getting my drag radials. What is the widest tire I can fit under the 07 Mustang GT? Stock ride height, not lowered. Thanks, appreciate some input
  2. Not sure what the exact largest is, but I run 275s without any issues at all. I've had 275/50/15 Mickey Thompsons, 275/40/17 Hoosiers, and 275/50/17 Falkens on the car without any clearance issues.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Just like a little more meat under it. Appreciate the info
  4. I'm currently running 295-55-15 M/T's on the back of my 05 they fit but close, I have them 15x10's with 7-1/2 offset.
  5. The tire depends on the wheel. What size wheels are you using 15x?, 17x?, 18x?

  6. Mickey Thompson 325/50/15's ET Street Radials on mine with Race Star 15 x 10, 7.25" back spacing rims.


    Removed the OEM frame rail bump stop and made up a plate to relocate the bump stop on the axle housing to under the frame rail.






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