Rear tires wearing on inside edge?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by RedTwilight, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Does anyone know of a possible reason why my REAR tires are being worn down on the inside edge? :shrug: Both left and right tire on the inside are being affected. The rear, suspension and all are stock. The wheels are 18 x 9 2000 Cobra R with 295/35-18 BFG g-force kd tires.
    Why is only the inside being worn and how do I fix the problem if there is one? Or is there really a problem here to be fixed?
  2. Sounds like you need an alignment - probably a case of too much "toe out."
  3. Mine done the exact same thing. They were getting pretty worn down , needing changing , and really started watching them. About the last 500 miles I put on them , they really started wearing badly on the inside. Had the alignment checked, my dad is a front end mechanic, and the alignment was dead on , no problem to be found. We really scratched our heads on this one.I had a pair of tires given to me :banana: so I roasted :nice: the rest of what was left on them and with the new tires on back with about 700 miles on them , have not had any type of wear show up....yet. It may just have been the tire , once they reach a certain wear point they really go fast. Having a front end mechanic for a dad, I've had it drilled into me about tire pressure and rotation, they are the life of your tires. For more on alignment info. visit his site at :rolleyes: :shrug: WARNING He is a Bowtie nut.
  4. Could it be that the stock control arms apply more pressure on the inside of the wheel that is wider??? That may be way out there, but I would contact Steeda just to see what they say.
  5. just wondering

    What are the stock specs for rear camber and toe on the car with uneven wear?
  6. I, too, had the same problem. Didn't even realize it as it was happening. Had less than 7K on a brand new set of Michelin Pilots and they were ruined. Rear alignment fixed me right up. It's not really expensive (I think mine cost about 60 bucks) and I couldn't believe the difference in the ride after it was done. The bad part is laying the cash on the new tires. I figure the alignment is as good a place as any to start. Whoever does it will be able to tell you if it was out of whack...and then you'll know if that was the likely cause or if you need to look at more expensive fixes.